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It must be fatum

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    I will be leaving the physics PHD at the end of this semester. Not by choice, I mean I could continue, the dept. has no problem I just feel I am too overwhelmed to learn anything useful or to bring my GPA up. I took 2 classes this semester Mathematics Methods Of Physics and Analytical Dynamics. I did OK on the homework’s not stellar but at my lowest was 65 and got more than a few 100’s in analytical Dynamics. After taking the Math final I knew how to answer every question so I know I did well but on dynamics I was very confused and very upset and left half of it blank I just choked and froze. I informed the professor that I choked but I do not know if that will help.
    I know if I lived on campus that I would get A’s in all my physics I am not dumb but starting to feel like a fool for wasting my time. I travel from Staten Island to the Graduate Center 2 days a week with a cost of at least 3 hours of time. I work the other 3 days to earn health insurance and do everything under the sun to get money so I have no time to study/work on homework. I do OK but I always rushing through it so when I did have time to slow down I always got a 100.
    I am truly against people trying to get a Doctorate while working 2 jobs. I am just overwhelmed and with my father giving birth to triplets who will be in the hospital till January I do not have any time even to just relax. I need to work to get money since I am not funded due to the fact I do not have a masters degree. I can get funded after I take first exam but I have no time to study for school much less that exam. At 28 I do not think unless I am funded and with my grades it will be almost impossible to get into another program. I have C Quantum Mechanics, B Electromagnetic Theory, and expect to do B’ish on Math Methods and god knows about Dynamics probably around a C or C+ but with a curve I could get a B/B-. I truly love physics and gave up a good career in Computers to follow my childhood passion but without the funding it just too hard for me to do it on my own.

    This is goodbye for now, I may continue if I get B’s in both classes but I do not know how long before I have a nervous breakdown than I will have no choice but to leave. Just so mad cause I could have had a shot at a career in physics now it just feels like it too far out of my reach. Does anyone know any schools that would accept someone with such low graduate level grades?.
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    Ack, I'm sorry to hear this, man. I remember your post from a few months ago. Did you ever consider just moving closer to the city and getting a more laid back job that's close to your school -- just until you get your first exam done and get funded?

    I really don't think you should give up your dream. Especially since you're close to getting funded. Have you spoken with your professors/advisor about your situation? Perhaps they might be able to give you some new ideas that will help you succeed in the program.

    Good luck, man.
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    Yes but I could not do it full time and doing a PHD less than part time got me to fail a class even though i aced most of the homeworks. O well I am now taking classes towards my masters in Computers at night. It is going well and I can now go back to work full time so I am no longer struggling for my next meal and no more bounced checks =).
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    Well I am not yet as old as you,
    and I never love physics, or anger with it even when it tries to sickens me by its complexities, I guess I just don't know or want to know about it, thats all !!!
    You wanted to leave but you can't at the moment, something like that
    But Maxell's suggestions sound good with what you are hoping.
    Maxell, man! you rock!
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