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It was not hard because I was a girl in EE

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    Electrical Engineering Program was very, very hard. Six courses per semester, it was suicidal but manageable. I could not imagine that it was going to be so dificult in my first year of engineering program. Not many students are left in the program. I was a top student in high school but university is a different story. It does not matter which part of the world you came from or are you a female or a male student in engineering program everyone is having tough times.

    Even with all these diffculties I still managed to enjoy studying engineering.

    *****Just to mention the university is in the Province of Ontario, Canada.
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    Well congratulations for surviving.

    Keep up the good work!

    Certainly being male or female has nothing to do with how successul one is. I just takes hard work and perseverance.

    My best wishes for continued success! :tongue2: :smile: :approve:
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    Congratulations, Nikola. Great stuff. I had a similar experience -- 2nd in my high school class with almost no studying, then beat up in my first classes at college. The character building that you get stepping up to honors level at college in an EE program will shape the rest of your life, believe me.

    You can be very proud of what you have done so far. Now use that to show yourself how *much* potential you really have in yourself. Build on each of your successes, and make each new success that much better.
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    you should be proud of yourself. perhaps some things did not go perfectly but you survived and you still enjoy it.

    The dropout rate in engineering is pretty high everywhere, but some schools make the intro classes even harder than they need to be in order to "weed out" weaker students.

    Regardless of whether your university does that though you have accomplished a lot coming this far and most likely your future classes will be both more interesting and less stressful... :smile:
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    You know, it's really strange. Many people I know have had this experience, but I had the exact opposite one. I was ranked about sixth or seventh in my graduating class of ~250, which is good, but not that good. I then came to the University of Illinois's EE program (one of the top-ranked programs), where in almost every class, my grade is near or at the top of my class.
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    Actually it will depends on whether or not the subject is your interests in the first place. If it is, they shouldn't be any problem with the subject :)
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    This is very true. I can handle loads of EE classes with hours of tough homework, but I can't stand taking economics.
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    Corneo, I took Economics as my elective too and I was hardly waiting to finish it. I just didn't like it.
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    University's not a competition, but well done anyway :tongue:
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