What is Girl: Definition and 133 Discussions

A girl is a young female human, usually a child or an adolescent. When a girl becomes an adult, she is accurately described as a woman. However, the term girl is also used for other meanings, including young woman, and is sometimes used as a synonym for daughter, or girlfriend. In certain contexts, the usage of girl for a woman may be derogatory. Girl may also be a term of endearment used by an adult, usually a woman, to designate adult female friends. Girl also appears in compound words like showgirl, cowgirl, and schoolgirl.
The treatment and status of girls in any society is usually closely related to the status of women in that culture. In cultures where women have a low societal position, girls may be unwanted by their parents, and the state may invest less in services for girls. Girls' upbringing ranges from being relatively the same as that of boys to complete sex segregation and completely different gender roles.

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  1. kyphysics

    Attractive Girl Kept Calling Me Sweetie - Meaning?

    Went for an MRI earlier this week. The technician was a surprisingly young - 20-something - female (who I felt would qualify as universally attractive). Anyways, I'm probably slightly older than her and she was calling me "sweetie" the entire time. We've never met and she obviously knew my...
  2. Mary Conrads Sanburn

    Can Music Really Change Your Thoughts and Emotions?

    Astrud Gilberto With Stan Getz - Girl From Ipanema (1964) Music Changes the Way You Think Different music encourages different frames of mind By Daniel A. Yudkin, Yaacov Trope on June 24, 2014 [. . .] How does all this relate to repeating chord patterns? What the researchers have done...
  3. H

    Engineering Highest velocity of a girl running a 60m dash

    So i know the total time is 8.6 s t1 + t2 = 8.6s And from the (v^2 - v0^2 = 2as) i will get that after 15m the velocity which is also the highest velocity v^2 = 30a And then after that the velocity will be constant (s = v*t) 45/t2 Now i am stuck here because i have 3 equations but 4...
  4. V

    What is the momentum of a girl jumping into a boat?

    Momentum of a girl: $$p_{1} = m_{1}v_{1} = 50 * 5 = 250$$ Momentum of an idle boat: $$p_{2} = m_{2}v_{2} = 150 * 0 = 0$$ So if the girl jumps into the boat, the two "systems" connect with each other. The momentum is passed onto the boat (?): $$p_{1} = p_{2}$$ $$m_{1}v_{1} = m_{2}v_{2}$$...
  5. Robin04

    Probability - Girl visiting local pubs

    What I can't understand from the problem is that whether she stays at a certain pub for M hours, or she visits more pubs and goes home after M hours. If it's the first case, then I think the answer is ##\frac{M}{24}\frac{1}{N}##. This problem is posted as a harder one so I suppose it has to...
  6. YMMMA

    How far will the girl run before catching the ball?

    Homework Statement Below Homework Equations Y=1/2 *gt^2 X=Vt Vf=Vi+gt The Attempt at a Solution The ball will have the same final velocity as Its initial. So, using the last equation 0=5+gt, where g is 10. Therefore, time to reach the maximum height is half seconds. To reach the same height it...
  7. Feodalherren

    Girl on a swing, find tension and force

    Homework Statement The girl weighs 30kg and her COM is at G. As she is passing the lowest position of the swing with rope length L=4.5m her speed is 3.6m/s. The swing and rope have no mass. Calculate a) the tension in the rope b) the force P that is aligned along the girl's arms see the...
  8. jedishrfu

    New Book Lab Girl -- Building a World Class Lab Cheaply

    ARS Technica reviewed the book Lab Girl about overcoming funding issues to build a world class lab and about being a woman scientist in today's world: http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/05/how-two-determined-scientists-built-a-world-class-lab-out-of-radio-shack-parts/
  9. Jenab2

    Girl Born with 'Divine Genes' in 2033 Begins Last Month of Fifth Grade

    At one time I was writing a novel about a girl who by chance inherited the "divine genes" that had empowered the ancient race of Homo divinis, contemporaries of the Neanderthals, who became extinct through racial mixing. The girl was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2033. As the story begins, she's...
  10. J

    Can't stop thinking about this girl --

    Okay so I've known this girl forever, she's 21 and I'm 19. Our parents are best friends and we go away on vacation every year for New Years. This year, we had a New Year's kiss and it escalated to us hanging out pretty much the entire vacation. I can't get her out of my head but I don't know...
  11. Jarvis323

    Girl I like Has a Boyfriend

    There is this girl that is strongly affecting my brain chemistry. She has mysterious physical and non-physical qualities that my subconscious apparently cannot resist. We are both shy and have not interacted much socially, but when we do I get a strong sense that she is attracted to me (based...
  12. T

    How to begin a conversation with a girl on FB?

    I met a girl that's 2 years older than me on this weekend and we were having fun, but now when I am back I added her on FB and don't know what to speak with her about, and how to begin the conversation? Btw. I am 14 years old.
  13. O

    How can I ask the cashier girl at my university's food court out for coffee?

    This girl works at my university's food court as a cashier. I always make small talk with her but I haven't really gotten the chance to really know her since I always have a line of people behind me. She is pretty nice, but being nice is a must since she's a cashier after all. I would like to...
  14. King_Silver

    Girl on Slide problem help

    Homework Statement A girl whose weight is 294 N slides down a 6.5 m long playground slide that makes an angle of 20◦ with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the slide and the girl is 0.23. (a) What is the normal force of the slide acting on the girl? (b) How much energy...
  15. L

    Girl running after a bus, kinematic equations.

    Homework Statement Marie is running to catch a bus. The bus has stopped at a bus stop. The bus has the acceleration 0.75m/s^2. Marie has the speed 8m/s. Before the bus starts driving, the space between Marie and the bus is 17.5m. A How long will it take for Marie to catch up to the bus? B What...
  16. wolram

    Is My Girlfriend Refusing to Marry Me Because of Her Past?

    Today i asked my girlfriend if she wanted to get married, she said she would never marry again as her first husband was a brute, what a let of, i thought she was seriously considering getting married, now i can have the best of both worlds:biggrin:
  17. C

    What inspires a Colorado girl to change the world?

    My name is Brianna. I am Colorado Native and wouldn't change it for the world. ☆ I love anything to do with the outdoors. I am a fashion/runway model in my spare time and work as a Business Administration Assistant for an HVAC and Roofing company. ♡ I love children, Audrey Hepburn, the color...
  18. marsten

    Icy slope, toboggan, find coefficient of friction

    Homework Statement A girl, with the mass m, slides down an icy slope at the time t1=τ. The slope is inclined at 30° below horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the girl and icy slope is μk. The girl notices that she can slide down the slope significantly faster if she sits on...
  19. C

    Can I Send Her Notes From Class?

    I asked this girl out for coffee 2 days ago and she said yes. Yesterday she e-mailed me and said that she was sick and couldn't make it to class. I told her I hope she feels better soon. Do I ask her if she wants to go out later this weekend or wait a bit, I want her to know I am interested but...
  20. Firedog89

    Obsessing Over a Girl: What Should I Do?

    Back a few years ago, I met a girl. She was very pretty. She gave me her number to hang out. Well, there were some very dramatic issues. I was so astonished with her and became increasingly obsessed with her. I went a bit too far. I kept texting her and messaging her. I think I kind of killed my...
  21. B3NR4Y

    I Want to Talk to a Pretty Girl

    My social skills are quite low, so I will put this in a familiar format. Homework Statement Every morning at 7 AM I head to my university's bookstore for breakfast, and I sit at the center table. Starting last week, a girl who is absolutely beautiful started going and studying at a table...
  22. BrainMan

    Girl walking on a turn table

    Homework Statement A woman whose mass is 70 kg stands at the rim of a horizontal turn table that has a moment of inertia of 500 kg * m/s and a radius of 2 m. The system is initially at rest, and the turntable is free to rotate about friction less vertical axle through its center. The woman...
  23. T

    Electrical Question from Girl Without a Clue

    I am going to attempt to explain a recent situation at our home and will most likely use the wrong terminology, so forgive my ignorance in advance. Also, when you answer, can you dumb it down for me so I actually get it? :wink: Last week part of the power to our home went out. I was...
  24. M

    Solving a Physics Problem: Boy & Girl on a Frozen Pond

    Homework Statement A 55-kg girl is standing near and to the left of a 75-kg boy on the frictionless surface of a frozen pond. The girl tosses a 1.8-kg ice ball to the girl with a horizontal speed of 7.5 m/s and he catches it. What are the velocities of the boy and the girl immediately after...
  25. Greg Bernhardt

    News Girl stabbed 19 times by 12-year-old friends

    This happened in the same town I grew up and I even went to the same middle school, so this hits close to home. The motivation was to appease Slender Man, a story made up on some internet forum. These deranged girls took it too far. Some parents are calling for more internet monitoring. Like...
  26. T

    What to do about best friend and this girl problem?

    Hello all, so I recently broke up with my girl of a year and so I've been trying to go on dates. I went on a kind of date with a girl I had a crush on for years back in high school. It went decently fineand was very touchy, but then after the date she starts messaging my friend and let's him...
  27. T

    Girl with no classes together

    So I'm in my final year of high school and there's this girl I think is cute and would like to get to know. However we have no classes together and I've only ever had one class with her back in grade 10. I see her in the halls and the cafeteria, she usually sits at a table near mine. I'm not...
  28. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Dealing with crazy obsessive girl

    Background -- 18 year old guy, just started uni, currently single. A couple of years ago in high-school, a girl in my class (1 year older than me) managed to find out what my e-mail was, and she started sending me e-mails, trying to create conversation with me. That we did; we talked for quite...
  29. A

    So, this girl wants to be my roommate

    Which, I have no problem getting a roommate, but there are a few things that bother me about this situation. 1) I've only hung out with the girl 3 times 2) We talked about becoming room mates today and she wanted to move in...tomorrow 3) She hasnt even seen my place (though in all fairness...
  30. K

    Confused by girl on facebook

    I recently decided to message a girl that I like on Facebook. It went well; the best part was she was asking questions that would keep the conversation going. Then all of the sudden she just didn't reply. It's been about a week since we messaged and we haven't talked since. What is she trying to...
  31. B

    How to approach a girl at the library

    There's this cute girl I constantly see at my university library. I would like to meet her but I'm scared of interrupting her. She seems so focused on her stuff and the library is really quiet so I feel weird approaching her. I tried to peak at what she was working on and all I could see were a...
  32. S

    Static equilibrium - girl on diving board

    Homework Statement A diving board of length L is supported at a point a distance x from the end, and a diver weighing w1 stands at the free end (Figure 1) . The diving board is of uniform cross section and weighs w2. (Figure 1) Find the force at the support point. Find the force at the end...
  33. A

    Should I continue dating a heartbroken girl?

    I was going out with this awesome girl. After telling her how I liked hanging out with her, she was receptive and that day ended with good notes. A few days after while we were chatting, she told me she is still heart broken and is not ready for a relationship. She mentioned we should be...
  34. M

    Girl I am interested in, not sure what to do

    Ok, so there is this girl I have liked for the past year and a half or so. We have gotten close and hang out somewhat often. Last week for her birthday I took her out to a very fancy restaurant and the whole deal. After I told her that I liked her. About 8 months ago I told her to and she said...
  35. V

    Solving the Boy Girl Paradox Probability for Random Families

    Homework Statement Suppose you choose a random family with two children. One of them is a girl. What is the probability that both children are girls? Derive your answer by explicitly constructing an outcome space and a probability measure, and naming the relevant events in terms of this...
  36. dwdoyle8854

    Why is the girl and the sled accelerating in opposite directions?

    Homework Statement A 40kg girl and an 8.4 kg sled are on the frictionless ice of afrozen lake, 15m apart but connected by a rope of negligible mass. The girl exerts a horizontal 5.2 N force on the rope. Whatare the aceleration magnitudes of a) the sled and b) the girl? c) How far from the firls...
  37. P

    How to Navigate a Confusing Relationship with This Girl - Expert Advice Inside!

    This girl is so confusing! This Is kind of a long story. So right before the school year started, me and this girl talked all the time. I really liked her and she said she liked me. After a few weeks Into the year, I asked her to be my girlfriend. And she said yes! But then she broke up...
  38. E

    Medical Girl drinks liquid nitrogen, has stomach removed

    An 18-year-old teenager has had to have her stomach removed in an emergency operation after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19878511 Question? How does she eat food without a stomach? Carry a bag?
  39. howabout1337

    Where can I find a girl into physics?

    I am really into women who are into physics. I like them because I think they are really smart and they can comprehend the physics, which I never could. I am an engineer by trade (just graduated a year ago), but I really don't think I am smart, and most people would agree. When I was visiting my...
  40. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Text this girl to avoid awkwardness?

    Near the end of July, it was the last day of term so I took my chances and I asked a girl in my chemistry class if she wanted to go out with me, and she rejected me. A couple of weeks later, during the holidays, I tried to reach one of her friends to ask her out (I had a crush on her too -- I...
  41. P

    Like a girl at work

    So the HR girl at my work came by to tell me my phone was ready and told me to go pick it up from the IT department. We walked together to pick the phone up. It was about a 10 minute walk I really like her and I think she likes me as she was acting all giddy like girls do when they like you...
  42. D

    How to make a girl fall in love with you?

    So there is this girl I like. I want to make her love me. Can anyone teach me how to?
  43. K

    Frequency of girl bobbing in swimming pool

    Homework Statement A girl with mass m kg steps into her inflatable ring with horizontal cross sectional area Am^2 and jumps into the pool. After the first splash, what is the frequency of the girl bobbing up and down? Homework Equations I assume that we need the extra force,F_e, after...
  44. L

    Can't stop thinking about a girl

    I need help with getting a girl out of my head. We worked together on a project at school and spent a lot of time together. She's extremely nice and she's pretty and I would want nothing more than to be with her. I have no idea how she feels about me, but it doesn't matter. She has a boyfriend...
  45. X

    Probability: Choosing a girl from a group

    Homework Statement You walk into your class the first day of classes, and you notice that there are 30 men and 20 women in the class already. Let's suppose you decide to choose two people from the class to be your study partners. If you choose your study partners at random, and given...
  46. G

    Girl collapses from eating chicken nuggets since age 2

    Good job parents Hooked on chicken nuggets: Girl, 17, who has eaten nothing else since age TWO rushed to hospital after collapsing Stacey Irvine has breathing problems and anaemia Only other food she eats regularly are fries But despite warnings cannot resist McDonald's...
  47. G

    Caught a girl staring at me

    I was in class a couple of days ago that meets only once a week for the first time and noticed this girl... she would look around left and right and then at me for a couple of seconds... i caught her doing it and just laughed... i wanted to make sure that she was actually looking at me and...
  48. J

    Medical 17 y old girl creates nanoparticle

    question is, do you know about a link where this particle is explained. All the news sites are dumbed down for the masses so all they say is that some asian girl invented a pill for cancer. HOW DOES IT WORK? Any links?
  49. P

    Conditional Probability: probability of having a girl.

    Homework Statement I have two kids. Given that at least one of them is a girl, what is the probability that they are both girls? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I think it's 1/3, because the possibilities are: Boy Boy, Boy Girl, Girl Boy, Girl Girl. There are three...
  50. rhody

    TED Video: Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl

    Don't let the title fool you, the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eve_Ensler" [Broken] of her experience with women in over 50 countries. Rhody...