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Ive got a question about light.

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    So, I know light acts as a particle and as a wave, but ive also heard it acts as some other things as well and I was wondering if any of you guys knew what that was?

    Now also im not looking to start a debate as to whether it is a particle or a wave.
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    Some other thing? I've only heard of the wave-particle duality. Where did you hear this from?
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    My physics teacher, he told us about something else, when I asked him he just said to wait until we got to light, he would only tell me it was really weird.
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    I wonder if he's going to tell you about the double-slit experiment. (Well, that's covered under "acts like a wave" - but it is about as weird as it gets)
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    Well, maybe he knows something we don't ha.
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