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JC found dead by James Cameron

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    from Time CNN


    ''Brace yourself. James Cameron, the man who brought you 'The Titanic' is back with another blockbuster. This time, the ship he's sinking is Christianity.

    In a new documentary, Producer Cameron and his director, Simcha Jacobovici, make the starting claim that Jesus wasn't resurrected --the cornerstone of Christian faith-- and that his burial cave was discovered near Jerusalem. And, get this, Jesus sired a son with Mary Magdelene.

    No, it's not a re-make of "The Da Vinci Codes'. It's supposed to be true.''

    does this change anything?
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    Interesting article. Here's what I found really funny about it.

    But film-makers Cameron and Jacobovici claim to have amassed evidence through DNA tests, archeological evidence and Biblical studies, that the 10 coffins belong to Jesus and his family.​

    So...either we have Jesus' DNA on hand, or we happen to know that the Son of God's DNA glows (or does something to distinguish it from ordinary DNA). Contrary to the article, I hope that this does not stir up any titanic debates, because based on the information I'm given, there hasn't been any discovery worthy of a debate. What's equally funny is that according to the tomb, this Jesua had a brother named Matthew. According to the Bible, Jesus didn't even have a brother by that name.

    Where's that yawn smiley?
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    DNA testing? :rofl:
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    :rofl: But, hey, maybe this will finally convince some of the more stubborn that teaching solid science in the classroom is important. Of course, they themselves will have to realize how nonsensical that claim is and put down their signs protesting the movie before they start lobbying to re-educate the public about science, but I can hope, can't I? :uhh:
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    Yeah, I see what you mean. Seems to me that the young earthers and James Cameron have an equally astute grasp of science.
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    Read my new signature.


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    In the earlier books of The New Testament Jesus' resurrection was purely spiritual, later on the story changes to a physical one as well, but then none of the books are very consistent, and it's impossible to get a clear picture, or even a good time line from them, some texts were written hundreds of years after the facts, if you ask me there's a bit of artistic license with the later Gospels. I think it's not beyond the realms of possibility Jesus had a child, but it seems a bit far fetched to me.
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    It seems far fetched to me that he did not. A politician in his prime with a good band of devoted followers, someone who is rather famous in his own time, who has at least one documented groupie, quite likely more (but not something his disciples would write about...) Come on!
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    There's no mention though, unless of course the details were edited out, the Gospel of the Twelve for example a gospel attributed to John whilst he was detained by the Romans(unlike the others who's authors are unknown, a text dated to about 70 years AD, although it is buried in church Archives.)

    It is written in Aramaic rather than the lingua franca of Greek of the later texts, the language of Jesus, and it also makes no mention of a child, it's also in its original state as far as can be maintained, it was removed from the area and held in another country for thousands of years, where it was eventually found by a scholar; on presentation to the Catholic Church they were overjoyed that such a text that corroborated much of there story had been found, unfortunately it claimed Jesus was a vegetarian, and that he spoke against excessive consumption of wine. The first elision was attributed to Constantine, who liked his wine, the second is also somewhat inconvenient, other than that though it was pretty much similar to the Gospels and it's carbon dating puts it with a margin of error close to Christ's life.

    If it wasn't for the diligence of a Hungarian Scholar it may have remained buried in the archives forever, it is not considered apocryphal or anything in fact, as it's a bit of an embarrassment to the Catholic Church, you can find it here.


    Pretty similar huh? Who knows it may have even been a source text, since it predates all the other books of the New testament...

    The Nazarenes or Essenes are a Jewish religious group who have a temple in the Holy city, there extreme piety and there "unusual" beliefs take account of many text considered "unreliable" or even heretical by the Church.

    The Gospel of St Thomas for example being particularly inconvenient and of course heretical/apocryphal, you may remember Stigmata a wholly made up film, but the quotes in that are from this Gospel,it's considered spurious as it never mentions any miracles or a crucifixion and it also maintains that to speak to God you need no institutions. But then I digress.
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    Sure, but for many reasons a birth outside of wedlock would not be reported. I understand Joseph considered ditching Mary when he found out she was pregnant. :surprised They eventually ran out of town in shame. The story is rather fuzzy.

    Was anything written about any female follower a few months after Jesus' death? Disciples were interested in the life of Jesus, not of any female companion. If any gave birth, who would know and want to tell anyone so long before Jerry Springer?
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    Sometimes you have to fight liars with lies.
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    You could check out the Gospel of Mary Magdellen? No mention there either.

    http://www.webcom.com/gnosis/library/marygosp.htm [Broken]

    I'm kind of considering it dubious until I see some sort of evidence.

    The church are liars, so therefore anything that contradicts them must be lies? I don't follow? You've got to remember this only differs on two points that Constantine, who was anti Christian at first is reputed to have changed, it's hardly the basis for calling it all lies? I think the Nicene council elided the text in accordance with his wishes, and I think this provoked embarrassment amongst the Catholics when they got caught out.

    There are other elisions that are more obvious, such as Jesus placing John above himself, and then the text changing to say that in the kingdom of heaven he is less than everyone else. Neatly sidestepping the original Greek, let's not forget Jesus was originally a disciple of John.
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    There was a hidden treasure map in the binding of the bible.

    http://pressurecooker.phil.cmu.edu/Jesus/buddy.jpg [Broken]
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