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Aerospace Jet Fuels: JP-8 (3773) vs. JP-8 (4177)

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    Can anybody point me in the direction of some documentation that can help me to distinguish between these two fuels? I have been searching for hours and I keep coming across articles that use these as sample fuels in experiments, but none that actually describes the numbering convention?

    I understand that JP-8 Jet A + additives, but what are the differences between the JP-8's themselves?

    I have also see it as JP-8 POSF 3773 and JP-8 POSF 4177.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    The POSF numbers appear to be identifiers for specific fuel samples from Wright Patterson A/F Base, produced by different methods.

    This gives the composition of 3773 (and two others, but not 4177).

    http://idea.library.drexel.edu/bitstream/1860/3125/1/Kurman%20_Matthew%20S.pdf [Broken]

    I suspect there isn't any "numbering convention", except that 3774 is the next sample after 3773.

    Presumably WPAB keeps a database ...
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