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Jet + ion lifting hovering jet will it work?

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    ok, im not a physics student, engineer, or mathematician, but i have an idea i need to know will work or not. we've all undoubtedly seen star wars ep 1 with the podracer race....floating engines. would an alternator connected to a turbojet produce enough voltage to power an ion lifter? are there any ion lifters powerful enough to lift a jet engine?
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    Do you know anything about ION loudspeakers?

    http://www.ee.vill.edu/ion/p12.html [Broken]
    If you can move air to generate sound, then why not lift?

    You could be on to something.
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    Deep Space One used ion propulsion. It used solar panels to generate about enough thrust to lift a piece of paper. It take a lot of power to generate thrust that way. Too much for it to be viable for a VTOL aircraft.

    Here's the biggest we currently have: http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/features/nep_prometheus.html
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    Besides, if you've already got a jet engine, you could divert the thrust from that to be self-levitating, and you'd get a lot more power from them!
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