What is Hovering: Definition and 37 Discussions

Hover! is a video game that combines elements of the games bumper cars and capture the flag. It was included on CD-ROM versions of the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system. It was a showcase for the advanced multimedia capabilities available on personal computers at the time. It is still available from Microsoft. The game will not run on earlier versions of Windows.

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  1. Abheer Parashar

    Are Hovering Cars the Future of Transportation?

    Hello everyone, I am Abheer and I am a high school student. I wanted to ask that in few sci-fi films I saw hovering cars and now I am wondering, are they really a better alternative than 'wheeled' cars in general (like saving energy being wasted due to friction and also being fast), or are they...
  2. shivajikobardan

    How to Create a CSS Hover Effect That Displays Text?

    https://practice-project-html-css.vercel.app/ I'm talking about this one. When you hover there, it shows some text. How do I make it? <div class="grid-container"> <div class="one"><img src="project1.png" alt="" /></div> <div class="two"><img src="Project2.png" alt="" /></div>...
  3. Emmanuel Pil

    B Why doesn't wind drag a hovering Kestrel bird backwards?

    I know it's all about drag and lift, but why doesn't the wind drag this bird backwards?
  4. W

    Power to keep helicopter hovering

    My thinking was that the power produced by a falling object is P=Fv=(-mg)(-gt)=mg^2t. So it depends on t, ie the "counter power" must also depend on t if it is to balance it, right? But author's solution is a constant. I know I am making a mistake somewhere. Note: Apologies for the lack of...
  5. J

    How to control volume by hovering & scrolling anywhere in Mac Menu Bar

    Homework Statement:: How to control volume by hovering and scrolling anywhere in Mac Menu Bar Relevant Equations:: none Hi, 
 I use both Mac's and pc's. Mac's are great but here's one thing I can do in my pc's that I have not been able to find how to do in my Mac. 
 In my pc's (Win7, Win10)...
  6. day_nite

    B How does hovering and constant climbing differ?

    Hi, quick basic question. Alright let's say I have a little drone with rotors that only allow the drone to move up and down (in the y-direction). I need help differentiating between these two situations: 1.) I want the drone to start on the ground, accelerate upwards (to a certain velocity)...
  7. C

    Can diamagnetism be created electrically

    I was wondering if diamagnetism can be created electrically or does the material have to be diamagnetic in nature?
  8. U

    Blades/propellers - power optimization - drone hovering

    I wonder what is the best figures for blades/prepellers - assuming I am trying to optimize battery life and my main usage for the drone is hoovering. I can not play with the arm length. I do consider 4 blades over 2 blades at the same propeller - not sure if it will help. Any feedback or idea is...
  9. michaeldk

    Pendulum fallacy - hovering rockets, still applies?

    Hi all! I've come here to seek your expertise because I've ran into a bit of a heated discussion (well, heated from the other side ;-) about rockets, hovering and center of gravity. Basically people are referencing to the pendulum fallacy when I say that a rocket which is hovering would be...
  10. Thom_Silva

    Energy & Power: Calculating Force & Choosing Engines

    Hi, Imagine this situation: I'm pushing against a wall, and i obviously making a force. The wall doesn't move, so no work is being done, nevertheless i wasted energy. Is there way to calculate how much energy was spent assuming that we know the force being applied to the wall. Another...
  11. Biker

    B Rocket Hovering Equation: A Balance of Forces

    I was just scrambling and thought of rockets. So I came up with an equation for (hovering). Note: This might be totally wrong. Okay so we have a rocket with fuel with a mass of M. There is gravity acting on it so I need a force to balance things out. F - Mg = 0 F = Mg What I have learned is...
  12. M

    Can a Toy Helicopter Be Programmed for Automatic Hovering?

    Heya everybody, I am trying to write a code that will make a toy helicopter to hover. I have cameras that are constantly tracking it, reporting at real time about it's position and angles. I have control on the yaw (Z axis rotatio), pitch (forward/backward movement), and rotors speed. I have...
  13. J

    Potential Energy of Nearly Hovering Rocket

    I have a question concerning gravitation potential energy and rockets under an unusual situation. Let a rocket be in a gravity well of a massive object such as a planet. For simplicity, assume that the rocket is in a vacuum. (we can add air effects later). The rocket engine thrust is dynamically...
  14. J

    Calculating hovering of an electro plane

    I am trying to calculate the necessary amount of power (watts) for a RC plane to hover or to move vertically up. The electro engine has an efficiency of 80% and the propeller efficiency is 50%. The plane weight is around 1 kg.
  15. rcgldr

    Explanation for ball hovering in a vertical stream

    Example video I made a few years go: Note that most of the air interacting with the ball flows around the ball, as demonstrated near the end of the video where a tube is used to prevent flow around the ball, causing the ball to shoot upwards. The main point of this post is the explanation...
  16. H

    How Much Air Mass for a Hovering Helicopter?

    Homework Statement During a rescue operation, a 5200-kg helicopter hovers above a fixed point. The helicopter blades send air downward with a speed of 70m/s . What mass of air must pass through the blades every second to produce enough thrust for the helicopter to hover? Homework Equations ΣF...
  17. H

    Helicopter hovering in crosswind with tail rotor

    Homework Statement A helicopter is hovering in a steady cross wind at a gross weight of 3,000lb. The helicopter has 275 hp delivered to the main rotor shaft. The tail rotor radius is 2.3 ft and has an induced power factor of 1.15. The tail rotor is located 15.3 ft away from the main rotor...
  18. N

    Speed of the air of a hovering helicopter

    Homework Statement A helicopter is hovering 10m above the ground, weighs 6230kg and the rotors are 14,6m in diameter. Which speed does the air have that the rotors are pushing down? The Attempt at a Solution i really have no idea where to begin but the chapter has to do with impulse so i...
  19. A

    Downward force from hovering toy greater than weight?

    A toy similar to this one http://www.dhgate.com/product/novelty-toys-ufo-with-light-remote-control/135334429.html weighs 30 grammes on a digital scale. It hovers and flies. Holding the toy over the weighing scale with the motor turned on, with sufficient thrust to fly, I was astonished to...
  20. S

    Hovering magnet over superconductor/superconductor over magnet

    Hey, everyone. I'm in my final year of my bachelors at uni and we have a class that's basically to teach us how to set up a research project (among other things). We've already done the lit review, a risk assessment, all of that jazz. The final assessment is to basically produce an...
  21. H

    Conservation of momentum - falling from hovering helicopter

    Homework Statement Bronco dives from a hovering helicopter and finds his momentum increasing. Does this violate the conservation of momentum? Homework Equations p(before) = p(after) The Attempt at a Solution no, this does not violate the c.o.m, because it is a closed system of...
  22. E

    Hovering just above rock bottom. Academic Failure requesting help.

    This was the sub-forum where I thought I may be able to find any help in, so I really hope I didn't go wrong there. So, dear readers, I come to you because I have ran out of options to get me out of the mess I find myself to be in right now. If you could lend me your honest thoughts and advice...
  23. R

    Calculating Power for Hovering Thrust of a Fan

    Basically I am doing work that requires me to calculate power for given thrust of a fan which is hovering. Variables known: diameter of fan: 0.8m, thrust output of fan: 250kg, rho=1.1455 kg/m^3 which is the density of air at 35Celcius , and eta which is the fan efficiency = 0.8 I...
  24. R

    Calculating Power for Hovering Thrust: What is the Correct Equation?

    Homework Statement basically I am doing work that requires me to calculate power for given thrust of a fan which is hovering. Homework Equations We are given the diameter: 0.8m, thrust output of fan: 250kg, rho=1.1455 kg/m^3, and eta which is the fan efficiency = 0.8 The Attempt...
  25. B

    Conservation of energy - rocket hovering above moon

    Suppose a rocket is hovering above the moon at a constant height, burning just enough propellant to stay at that height, and not move upwards or downwards. Viewed from an inertial frame, we have. Initial energy (just before ignition) : 1. Gravitational potential energy between rocket and...
  26. R

    Power calculations for Hovering

    Hi, I have a very basic question. Theoretically,I need to make a load hover (in real terms I'm makin a heli). I wanted to do the calculations for how much power is needed by the prime mover (engine/motor doesn matter) to hover. i.e to give thrust(T) = weight of (load+Motor). Can someone...
  27. J

    Hovering kite height, using forces

    This problem has 2 stars in my book, which means it is supposed to pretty difficult. I got the answer fairly easily and am worried that maybe I missed something important and thus got the incorrect answer too easily. No answer is provided to self-check my answer to see whether or not I am...
  28. W

    Is a hovering helicopter doing work?

    Hi, My background is ecology, but I am teaching a general intro to science class that covers many areas. I was covering the very basics of force and work today. I stated that energy is the ability to do work and gave work=mass*acceleration*distance. A student asked if a hovering helicopter...
  29. I

    Electric field direction and hovering charged object

    Homework Statement A small object of mass 3.64 g and charge -18.1 µC is suspended motionless above the ground when immersed in a uniform electric field perpendicular to the ground. What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field? Homework Equations E=F/q The Attempt at...
  30. P

    Helicopter Hovering: Solving the Mystery of Earth's Rotation

    Question that was always bugging me. Why doesn't a helicopter which could theoretically hover on the spot for hours doesn't end up in another part of the world. Since it's off from the ground doesn't it lose the velocity of Earth's rotation? What keeps it in the same place/at same velocity...
  31. S

    Yo-Yo hovering: rotational motion and torque

    Homework Statement A disk (yo-yo) of Radius R and mass m is attached to a weightless cord on the disk's edge. At time zero, the disk is released and a force upwards is applied to the upper end of the chord so that the center of mass of the disk does not move up or down. What must be the minimum...
  32. P

    Jet + ion lifting hovering jet will it work?

    ok, I am not a physics student, engineer, or mathematician, but i have an idea i need to know will work or not. we've all undoubtedly seen star wars ep 1 with the podracer race...floating engines. would an alternator connected to a turbojet produce enough voltage to power an ion lifter? are...
  33. N

    Can Mass Distribution and Spring Constants Keep a Hovering Platform Stable?

    Hi there. I have got very good help from this forum in the past and I have yet another question. Take a square platform with a thruster at each corner. Put a weight in the centre of it. Now, with the weight in the centre the platform is stable but as you move the weight to one side the...
  34. R

    Hovering in gravity makes curved space flat?

    Have I got it right this time? Red-shifting is determined by the difference between the space-time curvature at the light source and the observer's space-time curvature. For the light source, all that matters is the distance from the center of gravity -- I think the motion of the source...
  35. Ivan Seeking

    What Is Hovering Over the Twin Cities?

  36. Loren Booda

    Is hovering helicopter torque ever exactly = 0 ?

    Can a helicoptor, considering its primary and secondary rotors, ever generate exactly zero torque, i. e., while hovering? The secondary compensates for the primary's torque, but what compensates for the secondary's torque? Is there such a thing as or a need for a tertiary rotor?
  37. S

    Inertia humming bird is hovering in a car

    if a humming bird is hovering in a car going at a constant rate, and the car comes to a sudden stop, will the bird fly into the windsheild?