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I Junkyard sized Large electromagnet

  1. Aug 15, 2016 #1
    what we have to work with is a portable generator ~240vac ~3500watts then to a step up transformer so output ~540vac. then a full wave bridge rectifier to make the DC

    thought is we have a semi truck rim (will get the diameter/size soon) (due to this will get slammed around and banged into other scrap yard items) with a ~3.5"solid core axle welded into the center.

    we have access to unlimited amount of thhn* wire of pretty much any awg (solid or stranded) to use in this project we would like to create a scrap yard size electromagnet

    extra equipment can be implemented in this project suggested. (bigger than a rim if needed)

    questions are:
    1) best way to place the windings or just wrap the center pole?
    2) best size wire to use for the windings to make enough induction resistance so the generator will last a lil while

    will post pictures and more pictures and more pictures of the build and progress and end results so everyone can see how it works when completed so others can build one if they would like or use as a reference for their own projects.
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    I'm sorry, but we cannot help you with this question. You will be dealing with voltages and currents high enough that anonymous guidance from an anonymous internet forum about how to design your field coils isn't going to be good enough - you need input from people who have actually done it before, who are familiar with the specifics of your project.

    So this thread is closed. (Somewhat regretfully, because it is a fascinating project).
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