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Just a Lover of Science

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    My name is Lyle. I don't work in the field of Science. In fact I'm in property management. But when I was in the sixth grade, we were told to think long and hard on what we believed to be our dream job. And then write about it. I remember mine well. I wrote that I wanted to be an Astronomer! For as long as I can remember, I've wanted desperately to understand what lay beyond our skies. I often imagine myself landing on Enceladus (my favorite moon) or discovering an alien species. And the more I know about the universe and it's workings, the more possible stuff like that seems. Obviously I doubt I'll be the one to do it. But just to know how it could be done is a compromise worth pursuing. I hope the friends I meet here will find it an equally worthy goal.

    P.S. Is any one else excited about the 100 year starship project, IXS Enterprise!
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    Hi Lyle! We love science too! Welcome!
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