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News Kansas kids can marry. Say what?

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    Kansas kids can marry. Say what??

    It seems like kansas is in the news again. There are no laws on the books to prevent (with parents consent) kids to marry. Girls need to be at least 12 years old and boy 14.

    Can you believe it?
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    More unbelievable was a case in some mid-western state last year where someone was charged for statutory rape for having sex with their 13 year old bridge.

    I dunno, people are nuts. The more I hear about what people do, the more I'm sure they're totally insane.
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    This kansas states gotta go. I say we all have a 2nd civil war. It will be the North/south/east/west vs. Kansas.
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    I know what you mean.

    Having sex with your bridge is totally legal. What is this world coming to??!??
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    Well new york is trying to ban people having sex with their homes...
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    Twelve and fourteen... that's kinda scary.
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    As a native Kansas, I gotta stick up for my state here. We're not all that crazy. But, I have to admit, the case that wasteofo2 was talking about was when when 2 kids that were legally married in Kansas moved to another state (Nebraska I think) where their marriage wasn't legal. We have a lot of laws here left over from the days of the old west.
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    I can't imagine that would be allowable. Neither a 12 or 14 year can legally sign (validly that is) a binding contract. In fact, only people recognized as adults (usually 18 years of age and older) of sound mind can take part in a legal contract.

    I would hope that such a marriage would not take place. I hope that such a couple would not be given a marriage license, and I would hope no parent would consent to such a marriage.

    I would have people wait at least until they are 18 years of age before getting married, and preferably older.
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    Math Is Hard

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    oh, big whoop. I grew up in Alabama, and I already had two ex-husbands before I got out of the eighth grade. Got two nice trailers and a gun rack out of the settlements to boot!
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    You musta had a mighty fine lawyer
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    You just have to have your parents permission to get married first. Then it's nice and legal.
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    Minors can legally contract okay but the contracts are unenforceable unless they are for 'necessaries'

    Perhaps they can argue their marriage was a 'necessary'. :biggrin:
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    That's normal. You have to remember that those laws were written many years ago, when it was acceptable for people to marry at that age.

    Nobody would let children marry today, even though it's legal.
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    It's tough to lose a brother, so I hope that you're still on speaking terms with them.
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    As a matter of fact I think he was husband number three.
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