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Kitten attempts epic jump

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    my question, what did the kitty see that inspired her to make such an attempt?
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    We just got two kittens a couple of weeks ago.

    As most any kitten owner knows, They need no excuse or inspiration at all.
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    To me, it looked like just a wee-bit more and he would have gotten his claws hooked on the top and been able to pull himself over or at least peep over the edge.

    My cat, when I was five, would cling by her claws to a lip right at the base of the window of the front door (she originally clung to the "screen" we had there and would hang there meowing at us til the screen ripped, so we had to put in a piece of glass to protect the screen).

    We want pictures! (see cat lovers' thread)
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    We have a kitten that likes to do that to ME...trust me it REALLY hurts when his 12 oz (est) body lands on me with all claws out...and then he run/jumps off/over me.

    I also have a puppy who runs/climbs behind me every time she's frightened, grabs/straddles/circles my head and licks my face.

    Lot's of fun...
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    at your command.


    guess that means I need to get a camera thing eh. :blushing:
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