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Knowledge, Thoughts, Observations, Memory and Activity

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    Albert Einstein says that knowledge is a tree of which different specializations are its branches. Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Gita similarly, says that Knowledge is a tree upside down i.e., of which root is on top; and trunk, branches and leaves spread at bottom.

    If we all see the expansion of universe, it cannot be studied. It is ability of natural human mind to have meditation of abstraction that it can be deduce into observation, logic, memory; and then to specific lines of theory/thoughts and then to a unified knowledge.

    The relation between the subjects (observational material) help to understand the architecture of the whole tree of knowledge.

    Knowledge is the origin of three dimensional space. X co-ordinate is LOVE which is specific truth 'as is' of the 'first party' without a need of expression; Y co-ordinate is ART or EXPRESSION OF THE LOVE or COMMUNICATION i.e., vocabulary, languages, art, and all forms of 'second party' expression; and Z co-ordinate is MATHEMATICS or comparison between various Expressions of the Love. This is a 'third party' understanding of the Love.

    Love + Mathematics = Economics
    Economics is a compromise between passion and measurement. You like a car but it has a price of a few thousand dollar. This dilemma is called economics.

    Art + Mathematics = Science
    An invention is Art, but by copying it using measurements, that Art becomes reproducible and verified in a similar way. When art or private knowledge is brought under scope of measurement verification, that becomes a science.

    Science + Economics = Technology
    Science is higher knowledge and not subject to misuses. But a technology is like a gun or atom bomb. Unlike sciences, users of a technology need not be developed persons just as Terrorists use bombs and guns. Economics married to science to deliver a baby called Technology, but none of its parents can control it after it goes in wrong hands. Most scientists are afraid of making a technology because if they are lured by economics, their results are irreversible loss to nature in hands of the unworthy minds.

    Love + art = Evolution
    Evolution is ability to explain the truth using vocabulary. It includes behaviors that includes conception of literature, virtues and ethics and morality.

    Evolution + Mathematics = History
    When measurement is applied to evolution over time or some other point of views, that becomes history. History is verifiable source of information of impacts of morality and other virtues of evolution.

    Technology + History = Laws/ politics
    Technology is power that disregards virtues and gives control and history can be interpreted by people of power. These two combination produce laws or control systems. Although these cannot prevent wars but had this aim.

    In Sanskrit, Knowledge is the origin of the system of three co-ordinates i.e., love (SAT) - art(RAJ) - mathematics (TAM) ; their different combinations are called VISHAY (poisonous intellect) or Subject matters of sensory studies. Third level is Material universe that is manifested by means of the Vishay or interplay of subjects and thus producing different products and environments.

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