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Korea's upcoming invisible tower

  1. Feb 19, 2012 #1
    Not sure, but I think many would have known this:


    Would like to have comments since it is based on principles of optical physics (I'm not a physicist but just a curious Structural Engineer) if this is possible?

    Can the tower appear invisible- that is just not seen to the world?

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    I read no claim, nor any mention of these principles of optical physics. There's nothing to critique here.
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    Not sure what you mean-I'm not being critical if it meant that..

    Just trying to understand what is to do with optical physics put in the sentence

    For our untrained eyes and mind this project may seem a bit unfeasible, but the architects from GDS hold their line by declaring that their “ultimate magic tricks” will make an entire building disappear, due to the illusion of invisibility they rely on, based on optic physics principles

    in the above link.
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    I don't mean 'critical', I mean 'critique' i .e. analyze.

    I know. But there's no substance to the article at all. We can only guess what they might be alluding to.

    Problem is, even that would be making assumptions. It is just as likely that they mean invisible in a metaphorical or artistic sense.

    Now, what we could do is use this concept to speculate about how one might hypothetically go about making a building invisible.
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