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KVA's and electrical connections to a residential development

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    Hi there, new to the forum and had a question I was hoping that you folks could help out with.

    I have recently made application to our local electricity company for electrical connections to a residential development.

    I have given them a breakdown of all the loads which are single phase domestic.

    They have come back and mentioned that they dont think the infrastructure can support the load and they need us to pay for a new transformer.

    They only have 200kva available from the existing three phase transformer and I need 600kva.

    Now, I am slightly confused with this, as surely the 200kva (three phase) will support my 3 x 200kva requirements???
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    The transformer KVA does not get multiplied by the number of wires.
    That is a total.
    So if you draw 1 line x 600, 2 lines x 300 or 3 lines x 200, it still adds up to 600kva that the transformer sees.
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