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Homework Help: Lab Help, Heat of Fusion and Specific Heat?

  1. May 10, 2009 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Were doing this lab that is related to finding the specific heat and heat of fusion of water. To put the lab simply we filled aluminum calorimeters with water that's around 35°C. After that we took a handful of ice and it into the calorimeter full of water and measured the temperature after stirring with the lid on and finding out the temperature after the ice is melted. Heres the data.

    Mass of Calorimeter Cup
    Trial 1: .04889 kg Trial 2:.0464 kg
    Mass of Calorimeter Cup and Water
    Trial 1: .18574 kg Trial 2:.2213 kg
    Mass of Calorimeter Cup and Water (after Ice is Melted)
    Trial 1: .23135 kg Trial 2:.2693 kg
    Temperature of Water and Calorimeter, Initial
    Trial 1: 35.6°C Trial 2:35.5°C
    Temperature of Water and Calorimeter, Final
    Trial 1: 4.2°C Trial 2:10.4°C

    Now we have to calculate our results in different forms. But their are several things that I don't know how to get. One is the joules lost by calorimeter and by lost by water. Also the Joules used to warm water formed by melted ice, used to melt the Ice, and the Heat of fusion. How do I get these answers?

    2. Relevant equations
    Q=CpMT, T is temperature, Cp is Specific Heat

    3. The attempt at a solution

    Which mass should I use and whats the heat of fusion formula
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    You assume no energy is lost, so adding ice to warm water you have:
    energy of ice melting + energy of ice-water warming = energy of warm water cooling + energy of warm calorimeter cooling.

    For the water and metal changing temperature you have to equation Q=cmt , for the ice melting there is no temperature change so Q = m * heat_fusion.

    You first need to calculate the masses of the warm water, the ice and the calorimeter.
    You will also need the specific heat of water and aluminium, and the heat of fusion of water
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