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Lagrangian, Hamiltonian coordinates

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    Dear All,

    To give a background about myself in Classical Mechanics, I know to solve problems using newton's laws, momentum principle, etc.

    I din't have a exposure to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian until recently. So I tried to read about it and I found that I was pretty weak in coordinate systems. Especially in problems such as, a disk rolling on a inclined plane with a pendulum attached to it. I find much difficulty in finding the coordinates of the bob.

    What prerequisite I need to crack these sort of problems? Give me some links to brush up coordinate system or suggest some reading! Thanks
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    Any introductory text on analytical mechanics should provide adequate guidance - they all have to move between the "generalized" coordinates that are natural to a problem and the cartesian coordinates where you know how to express the kinetic energy.

    For example, Fowles "Analytical Mechanics" is a good undergraduate text.
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