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Laplace help on a DC transient RC circuit

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    Laplace help on a DC transient RC circuit ? PLEASE


    I HAVE A RC CIRCUIT WHERE R1=100Kohm and R2=1Mohm and C=2.1micro farads with a Vin =10V,

    In order to calculate the voltage through the capacitor I deduce the following formula,

    Vc(s)=V/S {(((R2×1/Cs)/(R2+1/Cs)))/(((R2×1/Cs)/(R2+1/Cs)+R1) )}

    I then need to produce a laplace transform of exponential growth thus, I believe to be


    However I have spent a week on this now and cannot get a soloution. I would be grateful of any help or any point to know where I am going wrong. I have pages and pages of transposition but they all lead to every answer but the one I require. Many thanks

    Please see attachement
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    Why don't you show the differential equation you arrived at.

    Try using Latex to make your work clearer. Before you post reply, click "Go advanced" and then click the [tex]\Sigma[/tex] in the top right of the panel above the text.
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