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Laptop performance and noise problems

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    Just a couple of weeks ago, my laptop started making a very loud roaring noise and experienced a severe slowdown in performance (programs and windows open very slowly) at the same time. It takes a couple minutes after booting up for the noise to begin, but once it starts it is continuous. At this point, I am thinking it is either one of the cooling fans or the hard drive. Is it possible that problems with the fans could cause a performance slowdown? But if it's the hard drive, is it possible for it to produce a constant roaring fanlike noise?
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    I'd first go after the fans. Or at least that's a problem have encountered a couple of times in the past with "higher performance" laptops with similar symptoms (have had to replace fans a number of times). If it overheats can result in a slowdown, and would probably run fan diagnostics to see if they find anything (can you boot it to a diagnostic mode, did it come with a boot CD with diagnostics or does the manufacturer offer a diagnostic image to burn / or a related utility in other form at their website....).

    Sure running compressed air through the fans may be a good idea as well (I had one laptop where the fans were somehow "tilted" to begin with and after a while it started to "roar" , and couple of other cases where they've developed similar issues with time. Actually only one which got stuck without making a huge noise in the process). If the voice is "really loud" (+the slowdown) would say it's the fan(s) over HDD. The diagnostics run the fan at differing speeds and if the full speed (for example) is seriously lacking it's a good indication something is wrong.
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    Is it a higher-pitched whine? Because of the high rotational speeds (4,500-5,400rpm) the bearings usually make noise in the upper register when they're going out, but that doesn't necessarily rule out the hard drive. The fact that there is a performance slowdown makes me think it could be a clogged fan or one with shot bearings.

    Remove the underside panel that houses the cpu and fan. See if you notice any obstructions.
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    the problem mostly deals with the fan, you should send it to the store or service center to open it and clean it.
    I have the same problem too, but i did it myself.
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    Yes, overheating can lead to poor performance. Modern processors monitor their own temperatures and reduce their clock speeds when they begin overheating.

    - Warren
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