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Largest n had been factored

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    hi! i am looking for the largest integer "n" had been factored into 2 primes.
    eg. n=p*q where p,q are primes.

    any idea?

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    Um, do you mean factored, or do you mean largest known n such that n=pq?

    Not sure about the former. The latter probably grows by a couple of digits every week
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    yes, i mean the largest known n such that n=pq where p,q=primes

    thx again
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    So really, what you're asking for is the two largest known primes. I'm not sure if this is the best option, but it's certainly big:
    is the product of two primes and has about 10 million digits.
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    A site devoted to the largest known primes. The two Nate mentioned are the #39 (?) and #40 (?) Mersenne primes.
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    this is where this should have gone :-p

    no problem......

    M^2 is the answer, where M is the largest known Prime.
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