Laser beams in the frequency range of of microwaves

Hello people,

i have got a few thoughts which i would like to share.

I few month ago i foundout that there are laser beams in the frequency range of of microwaves (maser beams). (

I consider the following situation: If a conducting medium (lets think of tissue here) is hit by a maser beam which crosses it (let us assume that skin depht is quite lare) what will happen ?

I believe, first of all, that the free electrons inside our conducting medium (and within the beam) will be forced to oscillate since they are influenced by an alternating electric and magnetic field: in my opinion this should produce two effects:

1) heating

2) schouldn't the electrons emitt electromagnetic radiation. Would this radiation be of the same frequency as the beam that causes it ? If yes, the generated radiation should be possible to propagate out of the tissue again (since it has the same frequency and therefore has large skin depth)

this are my thoughts, i would be greatful for comments.
Re: microwave_beam_generating_radiation

I don't know what you mean by 'skin depth', but your microwave oven is full of microwaves. There's a screen in the window to keep the microwaves from leaking out, which I assume keeps the energy leakage to a safe level. I haven't seen any microwave ovens with transparent, thin, gold coated windows--or maybe I haven't been paying attention.

Would a thin gold layer suffice for your requirements of tissue thin?

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