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Last minute advice?

  1. Feb 2, 2015 #1
    I actually have less than an hour before drop/add week ends and am completely stumped. Currently I'm taking:

    2nd semester of the upper division e&m
    2nd semester of the upper division mechanics
    A relativity/modern physics course (not a qm course, that comes next year)
    Advanced linear algebra

    This totals to 18 credits and I'm not sure if that's at all realistic for physics. I'm not too afraid of any of the physics classes because I did well in the first semester of the upper division e&m and mechanics.

    The one I'm thinking about switching out for a lab is the advanced linear algebra. It's not required but I decided to take it to help with QM but it might be a bit much. It's a 4th year math course and so far it's pretty much all proofs and I didn't take the intro to higher math course which is recommended for the proofs. I learned some proofs back when I took discrete math a long time ago.

    Any advice on whether or not to take the linear algebra? Will it even help much with qm if it's all proofs?
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    It's too late, but linear algebra will help in quantum mechanics.
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