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Last question about Motor pics diagram here

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    The diagram is for a motor using the really strong electromagnets I found on ebay they have 500 pounds force even when 1/4 inch away

    1. Is there a need to fire the electromagnets past top dead center or can you just leave the power on.

    2. If the force is really high then would more turns cause lower rpm and would that apply to electromagnets on each end as shown in my motor.

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/gliderworld/Tablemagnet.jpg" [Broken]
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    Sorry, dude, but your artwork is incomprehensible. This seems to just be an end-run around the same stuff that you've been posting before. Study up on electrodynamics yourself if you're not willing to accept the viewpoint of the experts.
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    you cant move a motor like that... stupidly i did try to build a homade motor like that... anyway, it loses alot of energy in half a circle without magnetic field present... at least with the poor parts i got... the electromagnet is usful only when when the far edges of the rotor are realy close to it.

    so either you put several magnets round the rotor, or you create a circular magnnet with your electromagnet...

    oh, and the proportions of you motor are quite odd.. that would make a lot of precision problems, plus filling a large area with a magnetic field.

    i myself not long ago tried to make a motor myself, its all set, just one problem still in the way, and the lack of parts( i use hommade parts) prevents me from finishing it... but im sure ill find something sometime...
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    Im going to order several from ebay and maybe make some curved ones.

    Thanks to all for your support.
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