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LCD/LED display solution problem

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    I have a problem. I want to be able to display the numeric information contained in a stream of 16 binary coded decimal bits (in parallel) using either a LCD or LED display. Would you know of any drivers, displays or display modules that would allow me to do that ? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank You.

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    Use a binary to BCD converter, followed a 7-sement LCD driver. There are many such possibilities.

    - Warren
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    Or you can buy a module like this one from Digikey, where the decoder and display are integrated together. Kinda' pricey, though.

    http://rocky.digikey.com/scripts/ProductInfo.dll?Site=US&V=516&M=HDSP-0772 [Broken]
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    If you are more interested in learning how its done.
    Then try for a diode matrix.
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    Thank you all, for your responses. i will try to focus on finding an LCD display module that could take in 16 lines of binary info directly. The HDSP series seems to be very promising. How much do they cost ?
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    They're pretty expensive -- you pay a lot for the convenience of the integration. I think the one I posted a pointer to is north of $30 in singles.

    I agree with NoTime and chroot -- you will learn a lot more building your own out of a decoder IC, a driver IC, and a display. You can probably build it for around $5, not including the cost of buying a reusable plug-breadboard for prototyping (which you should buy anyway, so you can easily prototype circuits as you learn). Like these from Digikey:

    http://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Filter [Broken]
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    Recommend 7-segment

    I think 16 bit BCD is just 4 digit of decimal numbers. Using LCD is waste of your money. I recommend the 7-segment. If you realy want to known more on how to use lcd module, please see:

    http://freewebs.com/80x51/articles/lcd.html [Broken]
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