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Homework Help: Learning curve of EM? (Not homework)

  1. May 18, 2013 #1
    I'm taking a first year physics course and have been having a little trouble with the basics of newtons laws and forces and whatnot, though nothing that can't be fixed with a bit more hard work.

    I'm looking ahead now and seeing a lot of EM material, and after kind of taking a brief look at the homework, contents and whatnot I must say it seems quite unfamiliar.

    Do you find first year EM with no calculus to be a lot harder than the rest of first year content? I am just wondering if I'm going to have some trouble with it.
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    What is EM?
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    I'm guessing electromagnetism.
    Personally I think it is one of the trickiest parts of the curriculum, because it doesn't only require good calculus skills but also a thorough understanding of the concepts and thought; more, in my opinion, than many other subjects. However it is one of the most important parts of physics, and I dare even say the most important one. Learning it and learning it well will be rewarding and very useful for any physicist (in fact everyone should probably have a basic understanding of it).
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    I would agree with CompuChip. In much of physics, you can see the physics in action, i.e. masses falling, balls interacting, the effects of light, and etc. In EM you don't see much. It is a thought process and more difficult to visualize.
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    Our intro is not calculus based
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