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Length of wire around a cone

  1. Oct 23, 2015 #1
    So here's my problem.
    For the past few years i have built a very large christmas tree in my front yard.
    1200 lights or so.... looks awesome

    it is 6m high, a 2m ring at the bottom and is a constant cone shape to the top point.
    To install the lights i start from the bottom and progress to the top, coiling the wire around the cone at a constant spacing
    i know the length of lighting wire (its written of the packet), and would like to know the formula to calculate the spacing of wire around the cone to achieve a theoretical neat finish at the top


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    There's some kind of problem with your attachment. It can't be viewed.
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    For your 2m diameter base and 6m high conical tree, a good approximation in meters is: spacing = 20/(wire length).

    You might want to start at the top since final adjustments at the bottom should be easier.
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