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Levitating on a bus, would you move toward the back of the bus?

  1. Nov 18, 2012 #1
    If you’re on a bus driving at a certain speed, and you could somehow levitate, not touching the ground or the chairs, would you eventually move to the back of the bus or would you stay stationary?
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    If you are already moving with the same speed as the bus, you would continue moving at that same speed and remain at rest relative to the bus. This is Newton's first law of motion.

    If the speed of the bus changed, you would continue to travel at the original speed and move backward or forward relative to the bus- depending on whether the bus slowed down or sped up.
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    It could depend on how the levitation is accomplished. If you levitate by opposing gravity with a force then all of Newton's laws apply, you could also levitate by reducing your mass, then effects like air movements may affect your motion.
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    Neither. I would move to the front so that all the passengers can see me.
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    D H

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    This is one of those "What do the laws of physics say will happen if I do something that violates the laws of physics" kind of questions. This thread is locked. Ask you question again with something that makes sense, such as a helium filled balloon.
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