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Light used to capture anti-matter

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    I am planning to do a proposal about capturing anti-matter and containing it by creating a trap with light. I figured I want to use light because if I use magnetic or electric fields then I would only be able to capture charged anti-particles. My goal is to capture anti-atoms by using a light trap because i know that light can exert a force upon a particle. I need to know if this works or if anyone here can give me any suggestions or comments. Thanks.
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    This is not my area of research (or particular interest, for that matter) so I cannot be of great help. But what you want to make sounds a lot like optical tweezers, so maybe searching for that will give you some inspiration.
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    As of 2000, this group had plans to trap antihydrogen using a purely magnetic trap:

    Magnetic fields will exert a force on any atoms (or anti-atoms) that have a magnetic dipole moment.

    Magneto-optical traps, or MOTs, have been used to trap atoms for perhaps the last 15 years. A google search produces many hits:
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