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Homework Help: Light Waves & Double-Slit Experiment Question .

  1. Feb 25, 2006 #1
    Light Waves & Double-Slit Experiment Question.....

    Our professor gave us an extra credit question on our last quiz & every single student got it wrong, all 150 of us! Anyways, here is the question, if you know the answer that would be greatly appreciated. Here is the question:

    Describe in as much detail as possible the interference pattern that would
    appear if one slit was illuminated with light of wavelength 400 nm and the
    other slit was illuminated with light of wavelength 750 nm.

    I thought that little if no interference would occur because the two lights are out of phase because they are incoherent sources, but I guess I was wrong! Help please..... :yuck:
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    I agree there will be no DOUBLE slit diffraction due to the different wavelenghts, but there IS such a thing as SINGLE slit diffraction.

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