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  1. rpthomps

    B Wavelength of light changing in a medium

    Good afternoon, I have read that light changes it's wavelength when it enters a different medium because it's speed changes but then I read that the speed of light doesn't change (it's always c) and it just takes longer. So, it is the "observed" wavelength that changes or some such? Any help is...
  2. E

    Applications of Interference of Light Waves

    Hi! I just had some questions. Is there any jobs or careers that directly relate with the interference of light waves. I know that an optical engineer would be one but they would create lenses for telescopes and stuff. I don't understand how that would relate to the interference of light, are...
  3. K

    B Diffraction work differently on water waves vs light waves?

    When the water waves go through one wide slit (slit wider than wave length), there's no fringes, the water waves spread all over the sides, like in this pic: or in this pic...
  4. P

    I Light-beam propagation across impassable barrier?

    Hi all, (See attached image file) Two mutually coherent and collimated light beams intersect as shown, creating the stationary 'bright' and 'dark' fringes of fig.A. Suppose that, after the fringe pattern has formed, we insert a very thin (compared to the fringe-width) and (ideally) perfectly...
  5. DianaHerberg

    B 3D models of waves

    I am looking for 3D (or 4D, etc.) images of waves (such as light or sound), but seem to be having difficulty locating such models. Can someone please direct me to this kind of display, or is it not something being currently done?
  6. S

    Light waves with 0 amplitude due to extreme red shift?

    Is it theoretically/mathematically possible for light waves to be red-shifted so much that it's amplitude is equal to zero?
  7. cainko

    MC (multiple choice) question about total internal reflection

    Homework Statement There is an optical fiber.A light ray enter it at i°.Total internal reflection occur at X. What are the necessary conditions for the light ray to travel along the core of the fiber? (I have cancelled B and D already.) A.n1>n2 and angle i should be greater than a certain...
  8. M

    EM wave interacting with refelcting surface

    When trying to explain reflection through the EM treatment of light waves, how do we account for the fact that the electric/magnetic field of the incoming light would penetrate into the medium from which it is reflecting off of? Diagrams like these: show the 'reflection point' on the axis of...
  9. Robsta

    Calculate focal length of lens by diffraction.

    Homework Statement A collimated beam from a white-light source is incident normally on a transmission grating with 500 lines per mm. The transmitted light then passes through a lens which is used to project the visible (380–780 nm) spectrum of the light source on to a strip of photographic film...
  10. Aafia

    What are electromagnetic waves

    I am confusing about it that what are electromagnetic field books said that it does not require medium then how they propagate in vaccum and we also know that waves are disturbance through a medium