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Limits on exposure to high power RF

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    Are there limits to exposure to microwave frequency power within a certain range, for example with workers on a transmission tower? What would be the applicable standards?

    I understand that RF is non ionizing radiation, but I have read that high power RF radiation can cause burns if too close to the antenna.
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    Well microwave - I am ASSuMEing would be hazardous and I am sure there are specs ( OH look 5 seconds Google >> OSHA : http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/radiofrequencyradiation/ ) - however as a workplace (ASSuMEd) hazard it is 100% the employers responsibility to identify hazards and protect the employee, not that you should not be educated, but if the employer says - there is no hazard, they are breaking the law, at least here in the USA.
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    this is a better regulatority standard than Canada's OSHA. which coincidentally also refers to this standard as well as the RJ56 standard.


    through this you will be able to calculate the effective radiation power to determine the safe threshold limits.
    the RJ56 used by both NFPA and OSHA can be found here

    http://www.radioandtrunking.com/downloads/motorola/R56_2005_manual.pdf [Broken]
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    Exactly fifty years ago I was a radar technician in the Navy, responsible for the maintenance of the Fire Control Radar in the F4B Phantom. It consisted of a pulsed search radar and a CW radar for illuminating targets for the Sparrow III air-to-air missile, both at approximately 3 cm wavelength. We were trained to not stand in front of the parabolic antenna when transmitting. Our chief brought some fresh eggs out to the aircraft, hung one in a string net directly in front, and had a technician energize the radar. After a few minutes he removed the egg and broke it open on the concrete flight line. It was partially cooked, the clear "egg white" was white, like a boiled egg. He told us that same thing would happen to our eyes (the vitreous humor) if we were exposed to the RF energy. He finished his training exercise by reminding us that male testes were similar to human eyes. None of this was very "scientific" but it did make a strong impression on all of us.
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