What is High power: Definition and 47 Discussions

High-power rocketry is a hobby similar to model rocketry. The major difference is that higher impulse range motors are used. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) definition of a high-power rocket is one that has a total weight of more than 1,500 grams (3.3 lb) and contains a motor or motors containing more than 125 grams (4.4 oz) of propellant and/or rated at more than 160 Newton-seconds (40.47 lbf·s) of total impulse, or that uses a motor with an average thrust of 80 newtons (18 lbf) or more.

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  1. B

    High power RF amplifier at fixed frequency

    Hello! I have a signal at fixed frequency of 4 MHz and amplitude of 0.075 V. I need to amplify it to ~75 V with the same frequency. I checked online a bit and I found either cheap amplifier that can't amplify this much, or very expensive ones that (almost) can (I might need to use a smaller...
  2. A

    Is There Still a Market for Mechanical High Power DC/AC Generators?

    Hello, back in the day motor-generator sets were far more frequent before the advent of high power semiconductors etc. So they were used for many applications where a variable frequency high power was necessary or a purely DC output was needed. There were even some special generators that could...
  3. F

    How do atheletes sustain high power output, physiologically?

    I am ~180lbs and have been lifting weights for about 12 years straight. I have also been running 3-4 times per week for the last 8 ish years. I have recently gotten into cycling, and noticed at the gym on the Schwinn "spin" bike, I will have peaks of around 400-500 watts, but it's definitely...
  4. M

    High Power Rectifiers - AC Conversion?

    Hello all, I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the diodes from a high power dc rectifier and use it as an AC power supply? Is it possible to use an inverter/converter to convert dc output to ac? thanks
  5. A

    Core material for high power high frequency coil/solenoid

    I read the limits of typical ferrite cores and it seems that most sources claim that they tend to work somewhere up to 1 Mhz. Surely they work great under that frequency, but is there any material that could provide a core material for a wide frequency range starting from few tens of Khz up to...
  6. Javier Lopez

    High Power SCR Driver Design for Plasma Compression Coil Activation

    I have made following design to drive two high power hokeypuck SCRs to activate a Plasma compression coil. As long as catode falls below 0V, I do not know if it is needed to insert diodes from the optoisolated driver A1 (and A2) and the limiting current resistor R1 (and R2):
  7. N

    High-Power Switching using MOSFETs

    For a project, I need a means of switching a high-current circuit between two inductors. The purpose is, each inductor serves as an electromagnet, and they are switched every 15s or so in order for one of the two to cool before starting again. The system I've designed uses arduino as a...
  8. N

    High Power Amplifier for Acoustic Transducer

    Hi all I am in search of a Power Amplifier (preferably Solid state pulsed amplifier ) which is able to output around 340 Vrms across 25 ohm impedance load (acoustic transducer operating at approx 4.5 KW) in pulsed mode with duty cycle less than 1%, maximum pulse length of 5 ms and operating...
  9. Domenicus

    How to project a high power white line

    Hi I have a personal art project and I am stuck, because of very limited knowledge. I'd like to project an 1-2 meter white line from 1-3 meter distance. The projected line should be as thin as possible (3-10mm) and as powerful as possible. I created a DIY projector, but my problem is that, the...
  10. N

    High power low frequency RF Amplifiers

    Hi all I am searching some commercially available industrial grade power amplifiers: 1.In the frequency range of 80 KHz to 140 KHz with output power of 2 KW to 50 ohm load in pulsed mode (<10% Duty Cycle 2.In the frequency range of 400 KHz to 450 KHz with output power of 5 KW to 25 ohm load...
  11. helofrind

    Powering High Voltage LED from Low Voltage Source: Is it Possible?

    Wanting to know if it is possible to power a LED with a forward voltage of 29.3V and forward current of 440ma from a 1.5V source with a 2400mAh Capacity? No particular need for this, more for challenge/knowledge. Have tried methods with a transformer, DC-DC converter, and lm350 constant...
  12. J

    Low RPM, high power calculations help

    Hi guys, Im trying to build an electric wheelchair with mecanum wheels, and as you might know, each of its 4 wheels has to be independently powered for the chair to have holonomic motion. With my desired speed to be around (brisk) walking speed only, say 1.15 m/s, and my mecanum wheels sized...
  13. Michael George

    Which is better to connect a bulb switch ?

    I was installing a new bulb with a switch in my house. There was two different ways to connect the bulb and the switch as shown in the picture. Which one is better and Why?
  14. EverGreen1231

    High Power Circuit Breaker Operational Reliability Question

    My supervisor asked me Friday if there were any way to determine the operating reliability of a large circuit breaker in a Substation. Now, to me (just having thought about it a little over the weekend), it would seem that breaker reliability of operation would really have to be something that...
  15. M

    High power bushing (HV power line insulator shapes)

    Hello, I would like to understand why "bushings" that are used as insulation for high power electric cables in transformers, and which are often made out of porcelain or glass, I would like to understand why they have this form of "skirts" ? Why aren't they just as a simple cylinder?
  16. HeavyFed

    Can High Power Magnets Cause Physical Sensations in the Human Body?

    I recently purchased a couple dozen 1 inch round high powered magnets as a gift for my nephew. I was playing with them the other day and noticed a fluttering feeling as I put them near my heart... and noticed there were several parts of my body that I could feel repelling or pulling as the...
  17. Mattman182

    High Power Pulse Propagating Through a Medium

    Homework Statement I have been given this problem but I don't think I'm doing it right as I have just disregarded n0? Calculate the maximum length of material (nonlinear refractive index n2=2.5×10-19 cm2W-1) that can be traversed if the total accumulated phase difference between the beam...
  18. M

    Building a High Power Low Pass Filter for a TIG Welder

    A friend of mine has a TIG welder, which uses a high frequency signal to make the start of the weld much smoother. He's noticed that the welder seems to be tripping his GFIs (works fine on non-GFI circuits). So, that got me thinking, is it possible to build a low pass filter for something like...
  19. Undacuva

    Understanding High Power Resistor Ratings: A Beginner's Guide

    Hi, I'm looking for a high power resistor. I just got confused over some nomenclature I haven't seen before. (Yes I'm a beginner). I'm seeing resistors named like this: "3R9ohm"and "4R7ohm" I know what R is in V=IR. But in the rating of a resistor? Can someone help?
  20. A

    What happens when a high power LED shorts in a LED series string?

    Hello. I'm learning about high power LED's. I would like to design a high power LED driver for a DIY project I'm working on. I'm planning on using an LED driver to provide constant current and have dimming control through PWM. I'm going to be using 3W high power LED's in a series configuration...
  21. perplexabot

    High power switching circuit problem.

    Hello all. I am trying to use a mosfet as a high power switch. I have an arduino nano pin controlling the gate of the fet. I am using an NTE2374 mosfet. I am using a typical circuit: I also have the gate connected to the source (ground) so that when the gate is not HIGH, it isn't floating...
  22. L

    Will high power laser penetrate mirror?

    Many nations are developing hi-energy laser weapon. My question is, what if target is coated with mirror like coating? Can laser (since laser is still light) penetrate mirror? If it can then how is it possible? Regards
  23. D

    Limits on exposure to high power RF

    Are there limits to exposure to microwave frequency power within a certain range, for example with workers on a transmission tower? What would be the applicable standards? I understand that RF is non ionizing radiation, but I have read that high power RF radiation can cause burns if too...
  24. C

    High power transmission lines: underground?

    In the Midwest (Iowa, etc.), we get plenty of storms, mostly Winter, and power lines go down frequently. Someone is about to build a new high-power transmission line across my County (and too near my property!), and I can't figure out why it is not mandatory in the 21st Century that all...
  25. L

    Is a Contactor Suitable for High Power 3 Phase Transfer Switching?

    I am designing a transfer switch to switch main power to Generator when main power is lost. Main power is 3 phase, 480VAC and rated at 300amps. Is a contactor a good choice for this? I cannot seem to find one rated this high of power.
  26. S

    Automotive Heat/energy balance for a high power petrol engine

    Hi, first post newbie here, so go easy please:smile: I'm trying to get a grip on the understanding of a car cooling system for a friends race car. It seems the more I look into it the more questions I'm left with. For this post I would like to clarify the coolant side, leaving the air side...
  27. O

    Bucket elevator drawing high power

    A bucket elevator for conveying solid material (cement mill feed of 30mm~2.5mm) draws an abnormally high current when loaded. some buckets where discovered deformed. The deformed buckets where changed, but the elevator still took high kilowatt on start up. Please what could be the cause.
  28. M

    A high power current amplifier circiut?

    A high power current amplifier circiut? Hi everyone! My research field is robotics and in one of my designs, i need to amplify a minor current to a current with very high amplitude (power amplifier). it almost could be able to amplify 0.5A to 20A. and as my robot is a mobile robot, such...
  29. S

    Simple Circuit for high power LED

    What simple circuit that I can design for a 3V high power LED with max current 0.8 amps , I think the component names would help me , I would like to power it on 4.5 to 9 V batteries .Preferably lower voltages. Thanks
  30. M

    What to study for high power microwave amplifiers?

    The kinds of devices I would like to be able to design are magnetrons, klystrons, gyrotrons, and maybe free electron lasers/masers. My goal is not to get a job in the field, but to just have enough knowledge to build some of these things myself. My first thought is plasma physics and EE, but I...
  31. S

    Do high power microwaves ionise water molecules and/or rearrange food molecules?

    Ok, this is a separate topic about Microwaves. I have come across claim that microwaved food is safe for health as long as the food is microwaved on a low power. This is because microwaves oven that are used on high power can strip ionise a water molecule and rearraange atoms in food...
  32. T

    High power lasers and nature of light waves

    I am trying to learn about high-powered lasers. i am wondering what effects the actual power of the laser (the part that makes it burn). is it wave-length or frequency. Is gamma rays more destructive then visable light, ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  33. T

    Can a Smaller, More Powerful Microwave Source Replace Triode Amplifiers?

    I have been working with a large number of triodes amplifiers in parallel pulesed by a large thyratron tube. Earlier, many of the triodes decided to arc and melt. The amplifier was huge and I need to replace it. I need a design for a microwave source that is small and more powerful (megawatts)...
  34. U

    Help with design - NPN High Power BJT

    Hey folks, First time poster. I'll try to be as specific as possible. We have been working on our senior design project for one semester and we have a semester remaining. We came to a snag after being very successful with our design. Essentially, we're using an arduino deumilanove micro...
  35. T

    Help finding a high power source

    Hey guys, I'm working on a project and need to try and find a suitable power source to power it. I require a source capable of driving at least a 2.5 A DC through some magnet wire(about 250 ohm) so it needs to be 600 V and up. Problem is, outside of some very expensive power supplies i see...
  36. T

    High power, short distance electrical transmission problem

    I’m in a situation where I need to power 150 machines, each one consuming 2kW of power. The trick is that it rolls on a metal track at high velocities. I am concerned about transmission loss and type of contact. I could power the machine with a physical contact via carbon bushings to a...
  37. H

    Advice need - Photonics - Telecoms or High power lasers and systems ?

    Advice needed - Photonics - Telecoms or High power lasers and systems ? Hi ! I recently concluded a masters in photonic comms with a distinction, and I'm currently contemplating : 1) Studying further (PhD) and if so which path with respect to Future of Photonics 2) Relocating (better...
  38. A

    Need help locating high power shunt resistor

    I need to find a shunt resistor (basically a low resistance resistor), that can handle 20-25 W, and is less than 1ohm resistance. Not really sure how to find some.. can anyone give suggestions?
  39. P

    Why Does Using High Voltages in Power Transmission Reduce Losses?

    We are constantly told at school that in order to reduce power loss in overhead cables, high voltages and low currents are used as P = I squared R. This seems to make sense until you substitute I=V/R into P=VI and get P = V squared / R. Now if voltage is increased in the cable, and resistance...
  40. K

    Just a question re high power xray

    i was checking out the web and ran across an experiment in Siberia that had a grant. the experiment was a 300 kw electron beam at 5 MeV for efficient conversion to xray. to me this has such an interesting use for industry both electron beam and xray. if it had a 10% efficiency on power used...
  41. P

    High voltage electromachinery - the key to absurdly high power to weight ratios?

    I've recently become very interested in designing efficient motors and alternators for use in a gas turbine hybrid electric vehicle. I feel that these designs may be able to achieve uniquely high power to weight ratios compared to the components in commercially available hybrid electric...
  42. S

    Building a Custom Schmitt Trigger with Variable Trigger Points

    Hello, I'm looking for inexpensive schmitt trigger that has variable trigger points (30v - 50v) and that will handle max current of about 3A. I would very much appreciate your pointers. PS Are there schmitt triggers that triggers at certain negative voltage? (for example, does not trigger...
  43. J

    High Power DAC for SM-10 (0-1000VDC)

    Hello All, I have this High voltage IC I purchased from Gamma high voltage here: http://www.gammahighvoltage.com/html/series_sm.htm The one I bought, the SM-10, takes a variable input from 0 to 12VDC and generates an output from 0 to 1000VDC. I want to find the simplest way to...
  44. L

    Can Commercially Available Spark Gaps Meet High Power Reliability Standards?

    Anyone have a reference or information on longevity and reliability experiments in high power spark gaps? I am looking at the reliability of a 97GW 78Kamp discharge spark gap I would like to know the erosion factor and fouling rate of different configurations.
  45. D

    High power factor Is it Good/Bad? Why?

    High power factor! Is it Good/Bad? Why? Is high power factor good or bad? Why? Not really sure An assignment i have got due!
  46. L

    Why does high power magnification result in a dim image?

    Why does high power magnification result in a dim image? thanks =)
  47. A

    High frequency high power alternating current

    Hi, When you have a high frequency high power alternating current, Can you use a regular wire to transmit the current or do you have to use a waveguide? Or some kind of combination? Thanks.