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Line of Best Fit for 3D scatter plot?

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    Hi all,

    I'm having problems with something I'd like to do.

    Basically I have a 3D scatter plot and would like to add a line of best fit to it, I've googled this but most of the answers I get are incomprehensible to me (I'm a chemistry PhD student and my maths isn't amazing).

    Does anyone know a program or a method for doing this? The easier the better! (I have access to GUNplot and MATLAB if that helps but am not that familiar with either)

    Many thanks in advance.
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    You'd probably find something like excel spreadsheet the most accessible.

    Use the "LinEst" function (should be listed under "statistical functions").

    Hint. Highlight two cells in adjacent columns before selecting "LinEst" and also hold both "ctrl" and "shift" when you click the final ok (needed to make a function return two values, gradient and y-intercept in this case).
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    Maybe you have already found this:


    Or maybe not. :smile:
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