Plotting a best fit curve over a histogram

  1. Im analyzing some data from a previous student im trying to plot a line of best fit over the histogram and hense find the value of the coefficiants

    the files had to be loaded as -ascii so this is the code i have typed so far

    x=load('filename.mat','-ascii'); mean(x); hist(x,300)

    this then produces the graph how do i add a best fit line to this. I have the curve fit toolbox but dont seem to be able to use this to give me a plausable best fit. I am using Matlab 2010

    any help would be appreciated
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  3. How to plot for x,y data on Histogram in Mathematica

    hey, How to plot for x,y data on Histogram in Mathematica?
    I saw The Histogram function is just ploting y data,
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