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Homework Help: Linear expansion: Can someone check my work?

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    If a steel tower stands 300 m tall on an average day, 22 degrees C, how much taller is it on a hot day, 40 degrees C?

    The coefficient of linear expansion for steel is 11 (10)^-6/degree C.

    The equation for change in length of a material is (change in L) = L * α * (change in T)

    I know what α is, and I know what (change in T) is. I think that L is equal to 300.

    300 m * 11 (10)^-6/degree C * 18 degrees C = 0.0594 m

    So the tower is 0.0594 meter taller?
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    Yes (call it 6 cm):smile:
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    Your answer is right.
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    Awesome! Thank you both.
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