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  1. N

    Is this solution correct? (amount of fuel needed for orbital maneuvers)

    The kinetic energy of a ##m_s##= 1.5 kg satellite in an orbit of ##h## = 200 km = 200##\times 10^3## m is \begin{eqnarray*} K.E. &=& G \frac{m_s . m_e}{2(R_e+h)}\\ &=& (6.67 \times 10^{-11} \ \mathrm{N.m^^{-2}}) \times \frac{(1.5\ \mathrm{kg})\times (5.972\times 10^{24}\...
  2. CaptainAmerica17

    I Proof about injectivity

    I typed this up in Overleaf using MathJax. I'm self-studying so I just want to make sure I'm understanding each concept. For clarification, the notation f^{-1}(x) is referring to the inverse image of the function. I think everything else is pretty straight-forward from how I've written it. Thank...
  3. T

    Am I setting up this kinematic equation properly?

    A race car starts from rest and goes a quarter mile (1/4 mi) in 12.1 seconds. Assume the acceleration of the car is constant. (a.) What is the acceleration of the car? (b.) What is the final speed of the car? (c.) If you hit the brakes, how far would it take to stop the car if the breaks cause...
  4. ElPimiento

    Coefficients for an exponential Fourier Series

    I'm kinda just hoping someone can look over my work and tell me if I'm solving the problem correctly. Since my final answer is very messy, I don't trust it. 1. Homework Statement We're asked to find the Fourier series for the following function: $$ f(\theta)=e^{−\alpha \lvert \theta \rvert}}...
  5. M

    Answer check please

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Final answer please it's a nuclear engineering course. The Attempt at a Solution I got 2pie as a final answer
  6. E

    LR circuit in parallel, need someone to check answer

    Homework Statement L is a perfect inductor with inductance L. The switch is turned on at t=0 and the currents i1 and i2 run trhough the circuit as indicated by the figure. Homework Equations Given this circuit I need to find i1 and i2 for t=0 and t => infinity. The Attempt at a Solution For...
  7. Summer95

    Ground state wavelength and uncertainty Bohr/deBroglie model

    A check my work question... Homework Statement Louis de Broglie tried to explain Bohr’s hydrogen atom electron orbits as being circles of just the right circumference such that an electron of the Bohr energy going around the circle will interfere constructively with itself. This seems to...
  8. PrincessIceFall

    Review centre of gravity calculation

    <<Mentor note: Thread merged with duplicate from other forum.>> Half an octagonal prism. A small weight is placed 2 cm from the centreline of the vessel. The rod on which the weight is on is placed at (L/2) i.e at the center of the length of the vessel. The height of center of gravity from the...
  9. Summer95

    Force Components, Friction, etc. Check my work?

    Could someone credible please check my work on this one? Homework Statement This problem is "pulling a sled up a slope" All relevant data is in the picture. I wanted to find FP (The force one has to pull to start the sled moving up with slope). mass = 26.0kg μs = 0.096 slope of hill = 12...