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List of Full Scholarship Universities for Sci/Eng

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    This is a list of schools with (some type of) full scholarship programs that offer majors in science and engineering. The programs vary from school to school, so see the individual school for the details.

    I'm sure this list isn't complete. These are just the schools I've come across from a couple different lists. I haven't included religious institutions. I'm sure you could find out about those through your religious organization. I also haven't included the military universities. You can google those.

    Berea College
    Work study.

    Claremont McKenna College
    Income based aid.

    Clark University
    Location specific income based aid.
    http://www.clarku.edu/community/upp/accomplishments/education.cfm [Broken]

    The Cooper Union:
    Architecture, art, and engineering majors only. Full scholarships.
    http://cooper.edu/about/mission-vision [Broken]

    Income based aid.

    Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
    Engineering... Obvi. Full tuition scholarship at acceptance in 50% of cases.

    Income based aid.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Income based aid.

    Michigan State University
    Income based aid for Michigan residents

    North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Income based scholarships.

    Income based aid.

    Texas A&M
    Income based aid for Texas residents.
    https://financialaid.tamu.edu/Types/aggie_assurance.aspx [Broken]

    Texas Tech University
    Income based aid for Texas residents.
    http://www.depts.ttu.edu/financialaid/redraiderguarantee.asp [Broken]

    University of California
    Income based aid for California residents.

    University of Minnesota
    Income based aid for Minnesota residents.

    University of Pennsylvania
    Income based aid.

    University of Texas Arlington
    Income based aid

    University of Virginia
    Income based aid.

    University of Washington
    Income based aid for Washington residents.

    Washington State University
    Income based aid for Washington residents.
    http://admission.wsu.edu/scholarships/commitment.html [Broken]

    I hope this list helps someone!

    Please add to this list if you guys know of any other "free" schools for science/engineering undergraduates.

    Anyone who has attended one of these institutions please comment on their programs. Thanks.
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    You missed Amherst College. There's probably a few others as well, that I can't seem to remember. Tufts and Vanderbilt, I think?

    Otherwise, excellent list. Really good work man.
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