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Litteraure about Waves and Oscillation

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    Hi Guys and Girls

    Take note that Im not sure if Waves or Oscillation, is the right word to use about this Physics phenomenon. Well the general subject is, what I could translate it to from danish, Waves. From the movement of a object hanging in a spring, and its movements, to the behaviour of a photon, amplitude, frequency, speed, interference. If Waves is the wrong word, Im sure that you know what I mean by now.

    I've looked on Amazon.co.uk (because it will be shipped to Denmark), and I found a couple of books, but I've had quite a problem with the websites.

    Hope you have something for me

    Best Regards

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    You don't state your level of math/physics knowledge so here are a variety of offerings.

    Any first year general physics book will cover this, spread out in various chapters. Halliday and Resnick is popular.

    For a dedicated treatment, I recommend Crawford's book Waves, volume 3 of the 1st year Berkeley Physics Course. It's probably out of print but you can find a used copy at sites like http://www.bookfinder.com" [Broken]. The book includes a little kit of light polarizers, quarter wave plates, etc.

    For springs, vibrating strings, and all things mechanical: Marion, Classical Dynamics. This is a second or third year university level.

    Also see Pippard, Vibrations. Volume 1 covers classical phenomena of every sort, Vol. 2 is quantum mechanics.
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    Oh Im sorry. Im 3rd year in high school, and Physics is on highest level, so we know all the basics about mechanics. Furthermore I have 2 weeks to write my essay.
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    I found this online:
    http://www.lightandmatter.com/area1book3.html" [Broken]
    It looks like a nice description, with minimal mathematics, and has the advantage of being immediately available.
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