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Looking for a thesis to my master

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    Hello engineers around the world,
    I am studying My master in Electric Engineer specialize in power. I have just finished my first semester and I am in the second one now. I am totally lost because I don't know what topic should I choose for my Master degree. Most of the researches now are bout the wind form and the renewable energy, and there are lots of it. I am looking for something new. I really need a new idea something rare, will not rare, let say something new in the area of the power system. I have been working for four years as a control dispatcher so I have some experience about system control too.
    Any way my dear engineers ask me any question and I will answer it, but please I need an idea to start work with it in my Master.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What do you know about the Smart Grid? What are the most efficient ways to cycle power back and forth between the power generating grid and consumers and accommodate electric transportation? What would be the ramifications of exchange-able batteries for personal electric transportation, versus having to include the time delay of recharging? What are the tradeoffs? What kind of weather-related and other-related variables should go into a truly Smart Grid's control network? (what other questions can you think of to start you off in your investigation...?)
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