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DSP involvement in Power Systems (help need for Master thesis)

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    i am searching for a topic for my Master Thesis. My Master is on Power Systems and i want to combine my thesis with digital signal processing. but i am stuck on finding a topic.
    So if anybody can helping choosing a subject or giving me some ideas that i can work on?

    Best regards
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    What kind of power systems? Do you mean like AC power distribution systems (like the Smart Grid)? Or do you mean VFDs and other high-power electro-mechanical systems?
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    I would prefer AC power distribution system... But if you got any ideas on VFD I am happy to hear them...
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    jim hardy

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    I think of DSP hardware as faster than necessary for power system control. But the math is all the same...

    Try a search on terms
    SSR (sub synchronous resonance)
    power system stability

    i did once have opportunity to look into turbine shaft torsion because resonance was suspected.
    We built an analog meter to measure and record it. Nowadays they do that with PC's.




    http://www.ge-mcs.com/download/orbit-archives/1986-1990/January 1986/jan_86_shaft_position.pdf

    Here's a small company that monitors condition of generator rotors from online measurement of airgap flux.
    One wonders whether clues might be present in armature current signature...

    Fascinating times we live in.

    old jim
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    what'sa VFD?
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    okay, for them brushless motors, right?
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    i am looking for something that will be possible to implement on a FPGA board.
    does a Digital phase converter can be design on an FPGA board
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