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Schools Looking For Guidance In Choosing University Please Help

  1. Aug 14, 2012 #1
    Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    Hello everybody,

    I am a Grade 12 student from Canada about to apply for university. I am hoping to get into university for Aerospace Engineering and am considering several different Universities..

    I am considering the following:

    Ryerson University-Aerospace

    Univeristy of Toronto-Engineering Science

    Carleton University- Aerospace

    If anyone has information about any of these universities that would help me in choosing one or if anyone has any other universities that are worth considering please let me know!
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  3. Aug 15, 2012 #2
    Re: Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    You should go visit them if possible, to get a feel for the campus and people there. It's really difficult to say which would be the best fit for you without knowing you.
  4. Aug 16, 2012 #3
    Re: Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    I am in Engineering Science physics option, final year right now. I don't have experience in the Aero option but I can comment on EngSci as a whole.

    EngSci is difficult, so if you are not up for a bit of a challenge, then it is not for you. Once you finish the first two years however and move into your final years it is quite rewarding (aero is still difficult I hear). UofT in general has a lot of opportunities for undergraduate research, and you are surrounded by a lot of smart people (particularly in engsci), which makes it a positive experience.

    My cousin graduated from the aero option several years ago and recently just finished his Masters at UTIAS (University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies). He is still working there developing and putting satellites into space (pretty cool).

    I have two comments:
    1) If you want to pursue graduate school, you can't go wrong with EngSci. The additional challenge will prepare you very well for future studies.
    2) I know a few people (friends) who went into engsci having great ambitions to go into the aero option. But after the first year or two taking courses in different fields, they either switched options into something entirely different, or dropped into one of the main engineering streams and again pursued something entirely different. Not because aero was hard or anything, but because they realized how much they loved something else. So engsci gives you the option to change your heading once you're already in it.

    I can't/won't comment on the other schools as honestly I don't know anything about them.
  5. Aug 16, 2012 #4
    Re: Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    Nicholls: thanks so mcuh for replying! I am very interested graduate school but do you know if I will have any difficulty getting into grad school from the other universities?? Of course like all future University students money will be an issue and both Carlton and Ryerson will give me very substantial scolarships.. and just to clarify with the EngSci program it is general for the first 2 years then splits into different subjects??

  6. Aug 17, 2012 #5
    Re: Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    It's hard to say anything about the other universities as I have never attended them, or even applied to them so I really know nothing about them. All I can say is that you will probably have a better chance getting into grad school *in general* if you go to UofT. The fact is that pretty much everyone in the world knows what Toronto is and UofT is a fairly well known, quality school. Ryerson and Carleton, not so much. Also, like I said before, EngSci would *probably* be a better preparation for grad school than Ryerson or Carleton due to its more challenging nature.

    *Note that it really depends on what field you are applying to in grad school and where you consider applying. In aerospace I don't have much of an idea tbh.

    EngSci is general first two years then you choose an option. You should really familiarize yourself with this before you make a decision.

    Here is the academic calendar for EngSc:


    Scroll down and you can see the courses for first and second year. If you click on them it will bring you to a page which gives you the course syllabus. If you scroll down on the calendar more you will find the year 3 and 4 courses for all the different options. Note that this page also has the programs for the main streams of engineering too, so make sure you are looking under engsci. (the options should say like Option Aerospace above them in small print)
  7. Aug 17, 2012 #6
    Re: Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    Ok I see what you are saying about the "rep" of UofT Thank you very much for the link as well. Now would you know if EngSci has a Co-op option? I keep reading yes in places but its very hard to actually find how the schedule would change? And also I am wanting to become a P.Eng.. With the EngSci you only graduate with an Applied Sciences.. how would you go about getting you P.Eng after...
  8. Aug 17, 2012 #7
    Re: Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    In terms of Co-op, see the "Professional Experience Year" title after year 2 in the course calendar, in the redirects you to the start of the calendar which supposedly has more info. Basically, after second or third year you have the option to take 12-16 months off and do an internship somewhere (and get paid). You resume like normal when you return. So consider it a hiatus. It's the same for all engineering streams at UofT, a lot of people do it (if not a majority).

    To be honest I don't know a lot about getting your PEng. Regardless, UofT engineering is accredited, you will get your iron ring when you finish, and you will be able to get your PEng later on. I am pretty sure you receive your PEng after some years of working and then writing an exam.

    What the degree says doesn't matter. BASc and BEng are basically the same. Some people argue that BASc are better then BEng, but I am pretty sure there is no actual difference. There is a difference between MASc and MEng however, but don't worry about this until you are considering applying for graduate school (your Masters).
  9. Aug 17, 2012 #8
    Re: Looking For Guidance In Choosing University!! Please Help!!

    OK yes I just see what you said about the Co-op! Would you have any idea if the Co-op would go towards the hours for my P.Eng or would it not..

    And just to clarify you get your ring after you finish with your BASc??

    And just wondering about the difficulty of the program.. if you remember do you have any idea of the marks that you had for your grade 12 year of high school and how does that relate to the first and second years?? I hear from all over the place that the program is very difficult and i defiantly don`t mind a challenge and I find high school subjects quite straight forward and easy.. Is EngSci all that difficult??
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