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Quantum Looking for QM book on symmetry and groups

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    Hi. I am looking for a QM book that covers symmetry , time-reversal , angular momentum representations in SO(3). I have a few books and most of them don't have much detail on these subjects.The main one that does is Sakurai. Any other suggestions ?
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    This is not a QM book that covers symmetry but a symmetry book that covers QM - an excellent book
    Physics from Symmetry - Schwichtenberg

    The springer site has preview.

    Greiner has a book on that topic that I never read
    Quantum Mechanics: Symmetries - Greiner

    Also, check out the following book
    Symmetry and the Standard Model - Robinson

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    Tinkham's "group theory and qm", maybe?
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    There is an old one like 1970 by the Italians Fonda and Ghirardi published by Marcel Dekker. It contains a lot of material and explanations.
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    Hi, I suggest also the book of Gilmore

    '' Lie groups, Lie algebras and some of their applications''
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    Dr Transport

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    Symmetry Principles and Magnetic Symmetry in Solid State Physics, Joshua (I call it baby Tinkham).


    Group Theory in Physics, Wu-Ki Tung.

    Joshua hits it from a basic viewpoint and has the answers in the back for self study, then work thru Tinkham. Wu-Ki Tung gives all the Lie Groups info you need for QFT, then you can go on from there.
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