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Looking to downgrade my laptop

  1. Dec 15, 2013 #1
    Hey all,

    I am looking to downgrade my current laptop into something that has

    • battery longevity;
    • sleekness;
    • back-lit keyboard;
    • and is rather quiet.

    The laptop should be able to

    • run Microsoft Office;
    • browse the internet with ease;
    • stream HD videos.

    My current set-up is is with MSI, and can be found here. This computer was used as my primary, however, I have decided to revert back to utilizing a desktop for my primary and a laptop as my secondary. The main flaw that my current laptop has is the noise intensity due to the fans. Hence, I am willing to sacrifice power for something more quite. I would prefer recommendations that you have had actual experience with.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I would recommend a notebook computer with the following specs:
    CPU: Any Intel i3 processor
    RAM: Minimum 4GB
    OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1 64 bit
    Hard drive: 256GB Solid State(OS and Programs) + 1TB External USB Hard drive (data)
    No Dedicated video card.

    You probably want to get a 13". If that's too small, then look at at 15" system. 17" systems usually get fitted with higher end components which produce more heat which means you need more cooling and you have a louder computer.

    If you need a brand to look at, try Lenovo or HP. Get at least a 2 year warranty unless you can get hardware issues resolved easily elsewhere.
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    Been really happy with the Toshiba Satellite laptop series (not the detachable screen one!). I was hesitant for windows 8 at first, but using win8 on a touchscreen is actually not that bad, and if you use a smart phone you pick up how the OS works immediately. It's still really fast and very quiet. I literally cannot hear it when its on. The vent is in the bottom center and back so when you put it on your lap the vents don't get blocked! And it generates almost no heat unless its actually on a thick blanket blocking the vent.

    The biggest drawbacks are I have issues sometimes streaming HD through adobe flash player (due to a known flash/win8.1 glitch) (this is complaint above the OS, not the laptop), and there's no cd/dvd player on the machine. Frankly I don't even use CDs anymore anyway. But there are usb ones for like $30. If you have a local Best Buy, go try one out, I've had the 13" and then the 15.5".
    http://www.toshiba.com/us/computers/laptops/satellite/P50/P50-ABT3G22 [Broken]

    Make sure to get some eyeglass cleaner wipes and keep the screen clean!
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    Toshiba's and Dell's and Asus get a thumbs up from me. Avoid HP like the plague (driver problems).
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