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Lorentz Transformation (simplified)

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    We know that many books have deduced Lorentz transformations through rigorous maths and they add little to our visions about what's going on. But in the pdf I have attached, I have tried to deduce this transformation with logical arguments. It is really simple and no tensors have been included.

    Please see and let me know if I am wrong in any steps. Also do notify me if the same thing is done in any other sources.


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    It seems fine to me. I would suggest trying to make it more clear from the start that you're starting from time dilation and length contraction and then deriving the Lorentz transformation. My initial reaction to the first page was that you were claiming to derive the Lorentz transformation by assuming the Lorentz transformation. Most physicists probably think of time dilation and length contraction as interpretations of or corollaries to the Lorentz transformation. There's nothing logically wrong with going the other direction, but it wasn't immediately obvious to me that that was what you were doing.
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