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Lost Materials Engineer seeks Job!

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    I'm currently in my final year doing an Materials Science and Eng. BSc at IPTME (Loughborough University, UK). Although I've been approched by some companies, I'm not entirely sure what line of work I'd be doing. If there are any materials engineers out there I'd be interested to know what sort of work you do on a daily basis. Without saying the obvious, 'Research' what sorts of jobs am I variable for?

    I've been working a lot with Moldflow(MPA) for my finals, investigating the accuracy of CAD + Analytical software for injection moulding....oh, and I do Automotive Engineering Modules as an option.

    Any ideas or where to start would be much appreciated as I'm pretty lost at the mo.

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    I've worked for 3-years as a materials engineer in industry before going back the graduate school for my PhD. I can tell you that materials engineering is a very marketable degree. Generally, materials engineers have the ability to work in more diverse fields than any other profession. That being said it's a tough economy out there and I haven't been in the job market since '07. The work you do depends on the type of company you work for. If you work for a big aerospace company such as GE, your job might be very narrow. However, if you work for a smaller company you'll have more duties. For example, in my last job before going back to graduate school I worked for an investment casting company. I had many duties such as root cause analysis, process design, and quality assurance. I was using optical microscopy, electron microscopy, hardness, and tensile testing routinely.

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