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Low pressures at high velocities

  1. Feb 7, 2015 #1
    Why does pressure decrease as velocity increases, I think it is because pressure is defined as particles hitting the edge of the medium so when velocity increases the particles hit the edge of the medium less but how?
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    It is called the Bernoulli's effect or principle and is to do with the conservation of energy. If speed increases then pressure has to decrease so the total energy remains the same.
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    This is an F = ma (Newton's Second Law) kind of thing. If the velocity is increasing, then the fluid is being accelerated. In order to accelerate the fluid, you need to apply a higher pressure (force per unit area) upstream than downstream.

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    ok thank you, I was thinking that but could not really visualize it, I guess sometimes you just have to trust equations even if they do not make sense.....
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