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M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and garbage dumpster cleaner

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    I have a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from the university of Lund (LTH) in Sweden and have been looking for work for two years.
    The only work I got was through a friend so I clean garbage dumpsters.
    Here is some pictures from my work.

    This summer I was nominated in USA in IPSO CHALLENGE 2014 and was invited to Chicago for two weeks. Flight and hotel was all paid for by companies as Google.
    I was in a TV show called Draknästet(in USA = Shark tank) with my university exam system GameReality.
    All five investors gave me 2.500.000 SEK=321 502.5 U.S. dollars.
    It will be aired 2 february 2015.
    Here is the trailer where we are in view 20 sek in to the video.

    I am on my third group of students who are doing an exam on my exam papers and I am the administrator.

    I have been looking for work globally for two years and have to work as garbage dumpster cleaner to get money.

    Is there really a need for engineers?

    Master of Science in Engineering Physics
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    Im still waiting for my big break.
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    My two cents:

    It's very unfortunate that you haven't found an engineering position, and I can't explain it. However, since you are willing to do menial work to start, wouldn't you be better off looking for work as something like a humble robot technician? Googling tells me there are currently about 5 automobile manufacturers in Sweden, and I think they use a lot of robot assembly. Someone has to keep those robots greased and functioning. In a position like that you would inevitably encounter the plant's engineers, and once they knew your background you'd be first in line for promotion from within. Known quantities are safer than unknown ones.
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    An education does not get you a job. It only qualifies you for better paying jobs. And in todays world those better paying jobs that you are qualified for (sometimes a narrow field) are harder to get because there are so many others that are equally qualified. My fiancée is in the same position. She has a PhD but no full time job in her field.

    In my 40 years of employment I have discovered that the most important thing you need for finding a new job is connections. Notice that your current job was obtained through a friend. What you need are connections in the field that you're interested in. From your post it looks like you're on the right track.

    Another option is temporary employment agencies. That was the way I found my current job. Once you're in the door you can prove your worthiness, make new connections and move up.
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    Good advice! I'm glad to learn that. ;)
    That's good records to tell future employers, either as volunteerism or job related (full or partial) successes. You sound energetic, active and seem to have a good attitude toward jobs and life in general (i.e you're ready to accept any legal job to earn a living) but failing to get a more decent, better job that suits best your area of expertise sounds pretty tragic.
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    I don't know why you haven't found better work. Did you get many job interviews? Also, many places may prefer a local candidate.

    It seems you have the entrepreneurial spirit. In the U.S. at least, any sort of independent career ambitions can be viewed as a giant red flag and they will lose all interest in hiring you. So you might want to try not mentioning your exam system as an ongoing project if that is the case. It's unfair but I have observed this phenomenon and read about it.
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