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M-Theory and the Multiverse

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    As I understand it, M-Theory predicts about 10^100 different possible universes and one of the main aims right now is to figure out the mechanism which selects our Universe out of all these possibilities. Does this mean that the other 10^100 universes are equally real and truly exist out there or are they just abstract mathematical possibilities allowed by M-Theory?
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    Please could anybody try to answer this question!!!!!
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    it's 10^500- and yes they all should exist- they are all stable vacua-


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    OK, thanks for the answer. Where would these multiverses be though? I once read an article they would be in the higher dimensions? Also, how is it possible to say that all these multiverses truly exist only because they are stable vacua, it could just turn out that they are mathematically possible but are not really there.
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    In the begining there was stringtheory, as more Mathematicians looked into the theory, 5 versions appeared, with the pertaining question:Which one is correct?..sending crises waves rippling across all of the Theoretical Mathematical Oceans.

    Then out of the distant horizon came a sail-boat with the letter 'M' daubed upon it's sail, a lone passenger at the helm was proclaiming that:There is really only One Theory, the previous Five were just certain values of a more fundemental theory, all the Theoreticians jumped aboard and thus M-Theory was born.

    As the theoreticians asked intruging questions about the theory, they were answered with an ever increasing complex varying solutions, with every solution producing extensions to the original Theory, one such question was posed:Does M-Theory allow for a single or Multiple number of Universe's?

    The answer was when the solution does not fit reality of observation for the present Universe, then it is solved by the creation of a Universe THAT does explain the solution.

    So many Mathematicians started to branch out into abstract arena's, and consequently started to jump ship, but when they jumped ship, they were actually jumping out of one Universe and into another, the corresponding theoreticians could find extensions and soon it was realized that for every Mathematician that jumped aboard the original 'Flagship-M', they could find a corresponding Universe with its own Laws and Complex Maths.

    The current status is comparable to :For every SINGLE atom that has ever existed in THIS universe, they are deemed to really complete Universe's according to M-Theory, and their worldlines can be traced out of our current Universe, which means for about every square centimetre of 3-D space in our Universe, there are an Infinity number of worldlines branching off to a subsequence number of other Universe's, each with a slight variation of the original Maths that sent them on thier way?

    Some think that there will eventually be so many extentions to M-Theory, with a vast number of solutions to the slightest deviation from one world-line-history to another, that the many configurations of all of Vacua at any instant, still could not accomodate the exponential number of solutions that are currently gaining momentum!

    The gentle breeze which fetched the flagship 'M' is starting to gust and blow the ship onto the rocky shore's of a isolated island of Vacua despair, the question is who is going to jump ship?.. and who is going to cling on to the rigging and hope their calculations are sufficient to allow for a 're-normalization' and soft landing!
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    Before I make any comments to the previous reply, I would like to thank Olias as he's made the picture clearer for me and I seem to understand the concept a bit better now.

    What do you exactly mean by worldlines and that every atom that exists in this universe is deemed to complete other universes? Does this imply that every atom in this universe is actually part of many other universes (i.e. every atom corresponds to an extremely large number of other universes)?

    I'm sorry, but with this I understand that it is actually not possible to accomodate all these different universes due to the very large number of possible different configurations.

    Nice analogy! Are you trying to say that the mathematician who is going to 'cling on to the rigging and hope their calculations are sufficient to allow for a 're-normalization' and soft landing'' is the one who will finally show what M-Theory really is?
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    Could all of the possibilities be considered all at one and interfere with each other to form a type of "path" integral. Could reality be a superposition of all of these? Or has this already been suggested and rejected?
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    Interesting point made by Mike2, does anybody know the answer to this?
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