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M Theory

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    Can anybody point me to reputable and thorough sources for
    research into M Theory?
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    "Piscesboy" <gte826r@mail.gatech.edu> wrote:

    > Can anybody point me to reputable and thorough sources for
    > research into M Theory?

    A compilation of some useful links to textbooks and introductory literature
    together with a brief explanation of the arXiv.org archive as well as the
    spires database,


    where you can find most of the information that you will
    ever need, is given at

    http://golem.ph.utexas.edu/string/archives/000327.html .

    The best thing is probably to first have a look at Marolf's recent 'resource


    which is a commented list of literature.

    Note that apart from the standard textbooks like

    Green, Schwarz & Witten, Superstring Theory, Cambridge University. Press


    Polchinski, String Theory, Cambridge University Press (1998)

    most of the literature on string theory/M-theory is available online at the
    so-called preprint server


    in the section

    High Energy Physics - Theory (hep-th) http://arxiv.org/archive/hep-th .

    This server is supposed to be a place where people can make their work
    available before that has gone through the full cycle of peer-reviewed print
    publishing. In the fast developing fields of high energy physics online
    publication is increasingly getting more attention then print journals and
    in addition to all the reserach papers you can find at the above links lots
    of reviews, lecture notes, and talks. You can use the search engine at


    to search for the subjects/authors that you are interested in.

    <moderator note: there will also be a new undergraduate textbook "A first
    course in string theory" by Barton Zwiebach, and several such useful books
    are listed - with links to amazon.com - at http://sps.matfyz.cz >

    If you have more detailed questions about literature, please feel free to

    Urs http://www-stud.uni-essen.de/~sb0264/
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