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MAC adapter and presentation pointer

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    Hi PF!

    Every time I try to present something from my MacBook I never have an adapter and someone else provides one. Any suggestions on brands? I was thinking of a VGA adapter since that's what seems to be popular.

    Also, any brands regarding presentation pointers?

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    You can't go wrong with a VGA adapter, as this is by far the most common connector for projectors. I have never seen a projector or room setup where there wasn't a VGA connector, and most places where I've been thre was only a VGA cable connection. I would go for an Apple adapter, even though they are more expensive. The cheaper ones I have used before turned out to be cheap in all the meanings of the work and broke easily.

    I don't use one myself, but I have some colleagues with Macs that have been using Logitech pointers without problems.
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    Hey thanks a ton DrClaude! I'll go with your recommendation!
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